British Underground attack update: Hero “went back for another go” after being cut.


Police investigate the Leytonstone tube station attack scene.

More information is trickling out with regards to last night’s jihadi attack at the Leytonstone tube station. I am still seeing mention of a machete, but it appears more in the range of a large hunting knife. The perpetrator, a 29 year-old whose name is being withheld has been arrested after being tased multiple times. Despite that fact, authorities immediately labeled the incident “terrorism”.


The hero victim of a knife-wielding terror suspect has told how he was slashed in the neck as he confronted the fanatic – and then “went back to have another go”.

David Pethers, 33, was cut as he tried to approach the “crazy” assailant who had just stabbed another man and left him in a pool of blood.

But the lift engineer still tried to disarm the man before police arrived and Tasered him.”

More details of the stabbing itself have emerged as well.

Witnesses told how as he entered the ticket hall he attacked a 56-year-old man carrying a guitar and beat him unconscious.

Armed with a four inch knife, he then began to cut at his neck sparking fears he planned to behead him.

However, he left his victim in a pool of blood and went over the barriers to attack and threaten others.

Mr Pethers, who lives near the station in east London, said: “I was walking down into the station, as I got to the ticket office there was a pool of blood on the floor and a guy with a knife going mad.

“At that point I got pulled away by my friend and put my hand to my threat and saw there was blood on my hand and when back to get stuck in.

“There were women and children about and I would rather he stabbed me than a kid.”

“I was dragged away, I was bleeding from the neck I know it sounds crazy but I went back to have another go.

“Then the police turned up. They fired four tasers and then they contained the situation from there.”

Beyond the courage of Mr. Pethers is this little glimmer of positivity. The hashtag #YouAintMuslimBruv has gone viral among Londoners of all persuasions. The typical scripted statements from organizations, or the “Not All Muslims” hashtag that has followed some attacks, both strike me as astroturf. There is something more organic about this one. A witness (who probably should have jumped in alongside Mr. Pethers) was heard to say “You ain’t no Muslim Bruv”. There is something that seems more organic about this one. It is kind of hard to explain.


Much better video than the one last night (so bad I deleted it). It takes multiple taser shots, but the perp can be seen dropping like a felled tree. Score one for the good guys. Especially since all victims are expected to recover.



  1. MD says:

    Wow. That is one brave guy.

  2. PeterK says:

    Glad everyone will pull through. I kind of love that hashtag.

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British Underground attack update: Hero “went back for another go” after being cut.