Bystanders rescue woman from knife-wielding electrician


Electrician Adam Millan was arrested after attacking a female customer.

Bystanders came to the rescue of a Florida woman after hearing her screams. They discovered electrician Adam Millan assaulting his 45 year old customer, tearing at her clothes and attempting to subdue her with electrical tape.


Investigators say the women had hired Adam Silva Millan, 51, to work at her home. Millan was at the 44-year-old victim’s residence at 4:45 p.m. on Wednesday conducting electrical work.

He left the residence and said he would need to return to fix an item he had broken. He returned to the residence a short time later and asked the victim to go to the garage and flip a switch in the electrical panel.

The victim went to the panel and the defendant approached her from behind.

According to investigators, Millan put his arm around the victim’s neck and pulled her to the ground. The victim saw that Millan was armed with a knife. The victim struggled with Millan on the ground while screaming for help as he held the victim down and began tearing at her undergarments and shorts.

Investigators say Millan also attempted to put electrical tape over the victim’s mouth as she was screaming. Millan lost his grip on the knife and dropped it. He then began striking the victim about her face with his hands several times.

“It’s amazing that her loud screams alerted some witnesses and they were able to come stop the attack,” said Nunez.

Two witnesses nearby heard the struggle and came to the woman’s aid, interrupting the attack. Millan left the scene in his gray, Toyota Corolla.

Millan has an extensive criminal history, including a prior manslaughter conviction. Leaving the obvious snark about background checks for knives, there is another legal angle I find interesting. Namely, even the most hoplophobic jurisdictions have exceptions for knives being carried for work purposes. It is unlikely a cop is going to detain an electrician for having a knife in his tools. Proving once again it is the character of the person with any tool that determines the relative danger of a situation, not the tools present.


  1. cmeat says:

    “florida man…”

  2. Imp says:

    “…conducting electrical work.”

    Who says an attempted rape can’t be funny?

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Bystanders rescue woman from knife-wielding electrician

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