Caleb White adds slip-joint and straight-razors to his lineup (and flash-sale announcement)

We are always happy to pass along press-info from makers large and small when we think it might interest our readers. After taking some time off to move into a new shop among other things, our friend Caleb White is back at work, adding straight razors and a slip-joint knife to his lineup.

From Caleb White:

After many years of requests, I’ve expanded my skill set to include two new genre of blade: folding pocket knives and straight razors.  I will be updating my models as quickly as I can make and test new prototypes.  I will be offering one-of-a-kind pieces, as well as standard patterns with customization options.  As of right now I will not be offering either style of knife in steel types other than 1095, and W2 tool steel.


Though I am currently clean-shaven, I don’t foresee picking up a straight-razor any time soon. That said, I love the look of the Proteus folder. I love the swell towards proximal end of the handle, if it behaves like the one on the Penance, I can attest to its comfort and utility.

I received a second announcement from Caleb White Studios, about a series of “flash-sales” that he will be running throughout the holiday season. He will be making an announcement every 48 hours or so, with a different knife from his inventory being offered at up to 25% off. A Caleb White knife would make an excellent stocking stuffer, if you ask me. (which reminds me, I need to start pulling together a “Black Friday” thread for this year)

From Caleb White:

Over the next month in preparation for the Holiday Season, I will be listing a few of my in-stock knives for sale at deeply discounted prices.  Don’t miss the opportunity to grab something unique and handmade for that special person in your life.  Each of my knives are completely handmade by me, and come with a lifetime guarantee.  These are more than just tools, they are legacies that can be passed down for generations.

Each knife will only be listed for 48 hours; the first to respond that they would like to purchase the knife, gets it!

First up for grabs: a Gauntlet model with some elegant handle sculpting, maroon Micarta handle scales, hand polished hamon, and a leather sheath.  The Gauntlet is 8.5″ overall, and is perfect for field prep, game prep, cooking chores, or just general hard use!


You can sign up for Caleb’s mailing list here, to catch each flash-sale announcement. Be sure to check out Caleb’s 5 from the Grinder feature to learn more about him and his work.


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Caleb White adds slip-joint and straight-razors to his lineup (and flash-sale announcement)

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