Canada Knife Ban: Two views from the Great White North

Canada Knife Ban

No plans to ban hockey skates though…

For those of you who might have missed the news, the Canada Border Services Agency issued a ruling which bans the importation of any folding knife that can be opened with a centrifugal flip. Basically, any one-hand opening or assisted knife is now verboten. While this might be just a cautionary tale for those of us in the States, for Alex Antoniou, purveyor of, the Canada Knife Ban is intensely personal. He lives in Ontario, and is directly affected by this capricious, misguided, and unjust ruling.


In a statement issued to KnifeNews, the CBSA clarified their new authority based on the most recent CITT decision. “This means any folding knife is not permitted for import into Canada where the blade can be extracted and locked into place with centrifugal force when, prior to use of centrifugal force, an item on the blade, such as a stud, disc or flipper; or a hollowing in the blade is used to partially open the blade.”

An attorney with Daley, Byers, a Toronto criminal law firm, tells us that the new interpretation seems to target one-handed opening folders and likely won’t affect Swiss Army knives or slip joint folders equipped with back springs to hold the blade closed.

A Canadian knife dealer, who asked to remain anonymous, tells us the ruling should be a concern to every Canadian. “Even Australia, a country renowned for having some of the harshest anti-knife laws, has recently legalized many of these knives. Somebody has to realize just how ridiculous this is before every Canadian has to carry a fixed blade around,” he says. “I’m contacting my MP (Member of Parliament) and I urge every Canadian to contact their MP. We can’t just talk, we need to do something about it.”

Thomas Xavier, co-founder of MoreThanJustSurviving blog, echos the call. He is a Brit who recently moved back home after living in his wife’s native Canada. He has seen the hoplophobic morass in the UK firsthand, and he warns his Canadian friends and family that they need to act fast.

This heavy handed approach to knife litigation has proven hugely problematic for the UK, and sadly the contagion seems to be spreading.

Banning “scary” knives to prevent crime is a pointless endeavor. An 8 inch chef knife is far more accessible, with a far higher potential for carnage than a relatively niche folding blade that is collected primarily by aficionados.

This should be common sense, but I’ll spell things out further for those who just can’t wrap their head around it anyway: Criminals don’t give a damn about the law. If litigation and positive thoughts were all that mattered, we would simply outlaw Rape and Murder (gee, I thought those were outlawed already…) and we would all live happily ever after.

This is a grotesque legislative overreach, and should it actually be enforced to the full extent of the law, could prove hugely problematic for sensible folks like us. If you are or know a Canadian, please share this with them, as they certainly should know what’s coming. The new regulation may or may not be enforced stringently, and this could easily hit people who simply are not aware of the legal change.


The time is now to fight back. This hoplophobic nonsense must not be allowed to gain a foothold. It must be driven back into the sea, and drown like the monstrosity it most certainly is.





  1. Sam L. says:

    Buncha hosers up Canada way, eh? Knife guys there are bluer than LaBatts Blue, eh?

  2. Elise says:

    I will always feel this law pretty much came out of nowhere from the government..

    As Outdoorsguy wrote in the comments of our article on this: “Is this a “Proactive” or a “Reactive” effort by those who deem themselves worthy of telling others what to do? I do not recall reading anything about a wide rash of thefts, rapes, threats, or murders In Canada caused by those who brandish no weapon larger or more sinister than a pocket knife.”

    He’s spot on. It’s really difficult for me to imagine why the topic of folding knife law even came up when it isn’t an issue in Canada… let alone why it actually went through..

  3. American Idolator says:

    Elect Lefties- Get Lefty Law. Duh. Canada deserves it. I’m sure Prime Ministress Justine Trudeau thinks this will make it safer for returning jihadists! Wouldn’t want ex ISIS fighters weilding Butcher knives to get hurt by some dirtbag Canuck defending himself with his Manix 2! Maybe he’ll show some solidarity with the poor knife collectors, like with a pair of pink socks with purple dildos on them. You know, because knife aficionados are getting screwed!

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Canada Knife Ban: Two views from the Great White North

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