Caption Contest Entry: Will this work for EDC?


Reader CM sends 3 entries, the first of which you see here. Send your funniest knife-related picture to

I have developed a fondness for large fixed-blade knives. My fishing-guide knife is a Mora Bushcraft, I have been EDC’ing a Model 15 by Kim Breed since I bought it at Blade, and I am testing Will Woods’ Bladeworks’ Kraken, one of the largest non-Bowies I have come across.

Reader CM sent us three pictures to use in our “Caption This” contest. I will post the other two on a staggered basis, but I am perfectly happy to knock Freak-Boy from the top of the page. So Caption Away por favor…

photo (73)

You can comfortably carry a 4.5″ fixed blade IWB

No captions on my hairy gut please :). Though I am proud that I am in the same 38″ waist that I graduated College with. To make this post informative in addition to a contest entry, here is an update on my testing of the Kim Breed Model 15.

I never imagined that I could EDC a 4.5″ blade comfortably. I am 6’5″ tall and I was able to wear it while driving a little Saab 9-3. I drove it back from Atlanta, and didn’t even notice it was there. Getting in and out of my Dakota is not even worth mention.

If you ever have the chance to try horizontal carry do it. You might like it and it expands your EDC options. My knife is even IWB, and I am completely sold.



  1. Kipper FisH says:

    So’O tempted 2 say “Now that’s A Knife but won’t! so wife peeked over my shoulder & Said YeP! Size Matter’s i’ll go w/that un sure wish she wud git on FB ot twitter but 6 g/kids take all her time up TY 4 contest

  2. Bill J says:

    Let me take a stab at it.

    “I’m compensating for my permanent EDC…”

  3. GC says:

    Your move Cold Steel!

  4. “I’ll cut the carrot cake, Mother. Hiya!” *Splatter*

    “Boy I told you you better sharpen that thing or you’ll never find youself a nice girl!”

  5. It'sAlwaysRainyInPittsburgh says:

    “My other knife’s a Vic Classic.”

  6. Sammy says:

    Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges!

  7. Csanders says:


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Caption Contest Entry: Will this work for EDC?

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