Caption This: Daniel Davy Boone Crockett edition

My parent’s generation forever conflated the two icons of the American frontier in no small part because Fess Parker played both in their respective television series. I know more about Crockett than Boone primarily because he still plays a role in East Tennessee folklore. I think I read a biography of Daniel Boone in elementary school.

I came across the image above randomly on Facebook, and I thought you all might have some fun with it. I am not sure which character Fess is playing in this one.

It is a shame that a gun and knife-toting hero is no longer a popular culture archetype. To say nothing of a white cis-male protagonist. His appropriation of native dress is also a micro-aggression. Where is my safe space?


  1. he is playing Crockett in this film, it’s “king of the wild frontier”. in this still shot he just got to the Alamo and is talking to Jim Bowie about how between his rifle ( Ole Betsy) and Bowie’s “Arkansas toothpick” they can defeat Santa Anna.

    and as a caption “Make sure to floss”

  2. daniel says:

    “But is there a 3V version?”

    1. Matthieu Sieja says:

      +1 this one is the best caption ever

  3. cmeat says:

    “‘hecho en chine’, huh? sorry jimmy, i don’t know either…”

  4. Tony says:

    If this from the movie “The Alamo”, then the other actor is Richard Widmark who played Jim Bowie.

  5. Malcolm says:

    Yeah this was made before they put a spydie hole in all their fixed blades……….???

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Caption This: Daniel Davy Boone Crockett edition

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