Caption this: Melon vs. Machete


“Eat what you kill” – Caption from CRKT Twitter Retweet.

This will be the final tease for my CRKT Halfachance review. I am going to keep this short, because I want to get back to work on it. My hope is that I will finish by end of day tomorrow.

I have been testing the heck out of this blade. As is our modus operandi, I have tried to include at least one extreme or silly test in each review. This afternoon, I peeled and cubed a pineapple. Last week I just went Gallagher-Fu with the ‘chance on the second half of a watermelon that my kids said tasted funny. But it gave me the idea to try the pineapple in a good-faith attempt at culinary execution. (it exceeded my expectations, though a cutting board was destroyed in the process).

I posted the picture above to our Twitter Feed (@knifetruth) last week. It got a response from Ben and the crew at CRKT. They retweeted with the reply, “Eat what you kill”. I like it, but I am sure one of you can do better. Give it your best shot.



  1. Tom says:

    Machete loves watermelon.

  2. Sam L. says:

    DON’T eat the cutting board.

  3. GC says:

    “You have dishonored my family with your funny taste. We must now engage in combat.”

  4. Terry Warlock says:

    “The melon started it.”

    “I had no idea Fruit Ninja was so much fun. Wait, what do you mean it’s a smart phone app?”

    “For bullshitting me on this melon being seedless, you get to clean it up.”

  5. Nate says:

    Watermelon is no match for a machete. Hack away!

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Caption this: Melon vs. Machete

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