Caption this: Tom Thumb’s Tack edition

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Cold forging cold steel. (not to be confused with Cold Steel which is a registered trademark of Lynn Thompson or something. Don’t sue me Bro!)

A member of the Blacksmithing for Beginners Facebook page has taken up the side diversion of cold-hammering nails, grinding them on a stone, and fabricating them into miniature knives and swords (lighter for scale). Kind of a cool little tinkering project, and decidedly low-tech.  And they lend themselves to comedic possibilities so have at it.

I have a request in to the powers that be to put in a “Jump to comments” button. If you want to comment, make the jump.

Have a great weekend folks.


  1. cmeat says:

    that must hold five gallons of butane.

  2. stuartb says:

    What a prick!

  3. Holt says:

    Made these using copper wire when I was a kid. G.I. Joe could be a Crusader, ninja or Viking, depending on what I banged out on my dad’s work bench. Still have most of them somewhere.

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Caption this: Tom Thumb’s Tack edition

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