Caption This: What the fashionable jihadi will be carrying…


That awkward moment when you realize that the whole virgin thing is a crock of pig-dung…

DPx Gear founder and adventure-travel writer Robert Young Pelton sent this image out in an email blast today. It is of a senior ISIS commander, Abu Whoreallygivesacrap, who assumed room temperature in Syria this past August as the Pentagon now confirms. Robert made an astute observation as to this dirtbag’s poor knife choice: “Look at who is rocking a $70 Bear Grylls”.

Now I am not saying bad taste in knives is what got him killed, but he should have at least had the sense to carry one of Gerber’s better blades, like the Strong Arm.

Worst. Product-placement. Ever.


  1. Sam L. says:

    Gerber will not use this in an ad, I’m reasonably sure. Of course, they ARE in Portland, one motto for which is Keep Portland Weird.

  2. knightofbob says:

    An unrelated article on another website had a picture of ISIS’s official magazine, which featured this exact same image on its cover. They cropped out the knife. Even they are ashamed of their martyr’s choice of steel.

    Also, $70? I never gave a second glance at any of the BG branded Gerber stuff, but do they really think people will pay that much? I overpaid for my Mora Companion HD because it was an impulse buy, but I decided I could live with $18 (and have probably gotten more use out of it than that, anyway).

  3. cmeat says:

    all grylls’ tool kraton handles are impregnated with swine offal renderings.

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Caption This: What the fashionable jihadi will be carrying…

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