Video: Forging a katana from a coil spring

It has been a while since I have been sucked into a time-lapse forging video, but this one got me. It is by Jake Fowler of Jake’s Custom Knives. Jake is a 22 year old maker who seems to specialize in forging blades from reclaimed steel. His “About Jake” page is really thorough, and apparently […]

The KA-Bar Story Continues: Video featurettes with Rick Hinderer, Jesse Jarosz, and more.

As part of the 120th anniversary of the company that would become KA-Bar Knives, the company has comissioned a series of videos documenting the company’s history. The full, 4-part documantary can be seen here. However, the documentary is not the only video feature being circulated. There are also mini-featurette interviews with various designers, industry figures, […]

Forged in Freezer: Making an ice-knife

Instead of using dried fish or aluminum foil to craft a knife as he has done in the past, this time Japanese YouTuber Kiwami Japan has turned to his freezer for inspiration – literally. In his newest video he crafts a rudimentary chef’s knife out of ice. Not just any old ice mind you, for […]

Video: How to survive a knife attack

I have a couple of years of Krav Maga training under my figurative belt now, and thus I have been studying knife defense. I don’t know who this guy is, but he meets WEB Griffin’s definition of a Genius – namely “How much you agree with him”. I agree wholeheartedly. This simple technique works in […]

Know your melee weapons: The Victorian Police Truncheon

There was a quaint period in history where the trusty police truncheon was all the common Bobby on the Beat would need for protection and “correction”. To that extent that world survived into the 20th century, it officially came to an end with the Rodney King beating. Today every police act is met with intense […]