Civil Rights Update: OK Governor signs switchblade legalization bill

Seal_of_Oklahoma.svgGovernor Mary Fallin (R-OK) is a bit schizophrenic when it comes to her citizens’ God-given right to keep and bear the tools of their choice. Last year, she got in a tiff with her legislature and vetoed several Second Amendment related bills including one dealing with knife-law preemption. Tuesday, she tacked back to the right side of the 2A when she signed a bill removing restrictions on automatic knives in the state, effective Nov. 1.

Preemption is not dead in Oklahoma either. From

“Oklahoma is the NINTH state in which Knife Rights has repealed switchblade bans and the second one this year after Maine’s switchblade ban was repealed earlier this month.

Knife Rights’ Oklahoma Knife Law Preemption bill, HB 1460, is back to the House for what we expect to be a quick concurrence vote on an amendment that the Senate included which allows schools to regulate possession of knives on school grounds. It will then be sent to the Governor for signature.”

Last July, we celebrated Tennessee Knife Freedom Day when all length restrictions were repealed as was the ban on automatics. That day, as I do on so many occasions, I called on all of you to get involved at both the State and Federal level.

At the Federal level, you can contact your Congress-critters and as them to support the Knife Owner Protection Act (KOPA). KOPA would protect people transiting multiple jurisdictions with a patchwork of knife-laws provided that said blades are legal in the place of origin and destination. David described facing that very situation transiting from Maryland through NY and NJ to New Hampshire. Calling your representatives takes 5 minutes or less on most days. Do it.

At the state level, if your state does not have preemption or is home to unreasonable (read: any) restrictions on blade length or mechanism, contact your state legislature. If your personal representative is a hoplophobic nutjob, contact some up and coming pro-2A member who is not your own and attempt to open a dialog and suggest he or she sponsor a bill. It isn’t hopeless. If the Village Voice and Christian Science Monitor are calling out the ridiculousness of knife prohibition, we may well be moving the needle towards freedom.


  1. Grindstone says:

    Mary is a bit more than just schizophrenic. She’s a goddamn loon and an embarrassment to this state.

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Civil Rights Update: OK Governor signs switchblade legalization bill

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