Coming Soon for Testing: Benchmade Steep Mountain Fixed-blade


The Steep Mountain is a bushcraft drop-point from Benchmade’s “Hunt” series.

I am 2,000 words into my Kraken review, with a bunch to go, but I could hear the crickets chirping on the blog. I don’t have a lot of time because I would like to get back to working on that post, but I wanted to let you all know what is going on and to share a little news.I received an email this evening from Derrick at Benchmade. He let me know that he hasn’t forgotten about the Serum automatic, they are just not fully online yet. In the mean time he has a Steep Mountain for me to test. Given that I will be wrapping up work on my Kraken review by tomorrow evening, I will be able to jump right into testing the new blade when it reaches my door.

The Steep Mountain has a 3.5″  S30V, fixed blade. It has a drop point reminiscent of classic hunting knives like the Kephart. It has rubber scales which provide great grip when wet.

Thank you everyone for your patience as I finish the review. It is coming I promise.


  1. Jim says:

    That looks like it would be interesting to do a comparison to the Gerber Big Rock. Im assuming the Benchmade isnt a lower cost blade like the Gerber, but Ive seen a few of the Gerbers take a pretty good beating and come back for more.

    1. You are right in them being similar in terms of shape, size, and function. The big difference is going to be because of the steel. 440A for the Gerber, S30V for the Benchmade. There is going to be a world of difference between the two in their ability to hold an edge.

      That being said, a subjective comparison between the two is a fantastic idea.

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Coming Soon for Testing: Benchmade Steep Mountain Fixed-blade

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