Could it be? Illinois Switchblade ban repeal passes House committee.

Stay tuned. We will pass along the KnifeRights Action Alert when it is time to contact the Illinois Legislature.

Updating our earlier post, momentum could be building for switchblade legalization in Illinois. SB 2294 passed the Senate unanimously last week, and today the bill has passed the House Judiciary-Criminal Committee with a “Do Pass” recommendation.

From KnifeRights:

May 10, 2016: The Illinois House Judiciary – Criminal Committee passed the Knife Rights supported switchblade ban repeal bill, SB2294, out of the committee with a unanimous “Do Pass” recommendation. The bill has already been passed by the Senate.

Knife Rights is working closely with our friends on the ground in Springfield to keep the bill moving in the House. The City of Chicago is working to stop the bill from moving to the floor, to nobody’s surprise.

In the coming days we may ask you to contact members of the Illinois House. Please pay attention to our alerts in case we need your help!

Illinois currently has a complete ban on switchblade (automatic) knives, including manufacture and possession by anyone. Illinois was the last state to allow concealed carry of firearms, in 2013, and remains one of the most restrictive states in terms of Second Amendment rights.

Knife Rights has repealed knife bans in Alaska, Indiana, Kansas, Maine, Missouri, New Hampshire, Nevada, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin.

If you live in Illinois and would be willing to do a little “on the ground” work for the effort, please let us know. Ideally, several folks could spend an hour of their time at their local gun or sporting goods store and encourage patrons to call their legislators when the call comes out from Knife Rights. If you have any connections in the state that might be useful, drop us a line at If you have any ideas for other ways we can put the pressure on, chime in in the comments. Lets brainstorm some ways folks can get involved.



  1. Libertarian says:

    But white out preemption the nightmare comes outsite home so it s only the half price to get this ……

  2. Steve Skubinna says:

    Well, just as a pistol grip, interchangeable magazines, and a folding stock make firearms so much deadlier, it stands to reason that a folding knife that opens up with a button press must be much, much stabbier.

    This, as with “gun control,” is not about public safety but about politicians and bureaucrats expanding their power to push citizens around.

    1. Penrod says:

      “politicians and bureaucrats expanding their power to push citizens around” is what a free country is for. Just ask the politicians and bureaucrats. They understand that “shall not be infringed” obviously means “may be made a felony”, because America is a free country. A gun controller explained that to me once.

  3. FiftycalTX says:

    I dunno. They still have re-runs of “West side Story”. Don’t want the gangbangers to start waving around those stilletos. Now they use gunz.

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Could it be? Illinois Switchblade ban repeal passes House committee.

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