Cowboy fan stabbed at Redskins game.

I pretty much gave up on the NFL when the Browns were stolen and moved to Baltimore. I put all my chips in with the Buckeyes rather than waste any emotion on a cover-band playing the Cleveland Browns. It has been a much better investment of my emotional capital.

Multiple fights broke out at last night’s NFL game where the Redskins were hosting the Cowboys. The most serious led to a man’s being stabbed.


“In the video, you can see a man in a Cowboys jersey on the ground being assisted by a man in a Redskins jacket. Mike Vaughn, a Cowboys fan who recorded the video on his phone, said he first thought there was a stabbing. However, that did not happen to be the case.

The video also shows what appeared to be a knife on the ground nearby. A man with a yellow jacket, who may have been with security, can be seen stepping on the object to cover it up.

While a knife was confirmed to have been recovered, the Prince George’s County Fire and EMS Department said they did not respond to a stabbing at any point during Monday’s game at FedEx Field.

Prince George’s County police said two men, one from Silver Spring and one from Germantown, were arrested following the incident. They have been charged with assault.

Police said it was unclear who was in possession of the knife at the time of the fight. However, court documents related to the arrests do not mention anything about a knife.

When Vaughn saw the violence breaking out along with the possible knife, he told FOX 5, “I thought, ‘Wow, I need to get out of here,’ and also, ‘How did this guy get a knife into the stadium?’”

Despite the NFL supposedly ramping up the security procedures. The kind of cursory patdown they do at stadiums is worthless. Instead I would suggest at a minimum the NFL ought to let off-duty cops carry. There has been a push for this in many NFL cities.


Just as an aside, how many of you think that the CCW ban should be extended to all fans? I am about 90% of the way to being a 2a absolutist, but that one makes me a bit squeamish. What say you?


  1. cmeat says:

    there is nowhere that i should not be allowed to carry.

  2. Shoopmonster says:

    I completely disagree on the idea of letting off-duty cops carry at an NFL stadium.

  3. Overload in CO says:

    The Denver Broncos stadium has metal detectors at every entrance, as does the Pepsi Center where the Basketball and Hockey teams play.
    The baseball stadium has them too, based on a quick Google search. Another quick search says that all NFL stadiums have metal detectors. So the real question is how the knife was snuck in.

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Cowboy fan stabbed at Redskins game.

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