CRKT Halfachance revisited

CRKT Halfachance revisited

I revisited my CRKT Halfachance today

In my role at TTAK, I spend an awful lot of time chopping wood with knives which may or may not be a proper tool for the task. For instance, I recently hacked a great deal of brush and vines when I reviewed the ESEE Junglas II. That knife is more than up to anything chopping task I might encounter on the trail or stream. While I used it to clear a significant section of hillside, I have about a 3/4 acre section that would probably take years off my life to clear with an 8″ blade. I needed a tool up for a task. I thought revisiting my CRKT Halfachance machete would be a much better choice.

I reviewed the Halfachance back in 2014, but the fact is I have no need to spend money on another machete, and no manufacturer has stepped to the plate with a review sample since CRKT gave me the Ken Onion designed Halfachance at Chopfest 2014. 

Today was an unseasonably warm day in the mid 60s in Knoxville. I should have been inside working on blog stuff, but it was simply too nice to not be outside. I have been working on clearing abovementioned vine-entangled brush, a couple of hours at a time, and I am beginning to make a noticeable dent.

I worked for about 2 hours this morning, and cleared about a 20×40 foot swath through the heart of “The Blob”, as well as a couple of other spots on the periphery.

For my final act of the day, I decided to hack my way through a 6″ trunk. Now that it is down, I will section it with a chainsaw, but I wanted to really max-out the Halfachance before I hung it back up for the day.

CRKT Halfachance

Not the most efficient tool for the task, but within the envelope of the Halfachance.

As I said in my review, the Halfachance is “the finest machete I have ever used”. It still sounds odd to say it, but it is true. The 65Mn steel holds an edge better than a Pakastani car-bumper, and weight distribution of the parang design bites deeply into the wood. The overmolded rubber handle is comfortable, and provides a rock solid grip.

Revisiting the CRKT Halfachance was a fun and productive endeavor this fine Tennessee day.


As an aside, I posted the photos to our Instagram and Twitter feeds (@knifetruth) and received this response from a reader:

As someone who strives for professionalism in my reviews, this was really the highest compliment that he could have paid me. I understand that I am staking my reputation on my reviews, with full knowledge that someone may be spending their hard-earned money based on what I write. I do not take the responsibility lightly.

F and M: I drink Guinness, and I would be happy to buy you one if you make it to BLADE Show.




  1. Sam L. says:

    You’ve clearly chopped some chunks out of that tree!

  2. TheStoic says:

    My girlfriend (now wife) got me one of these for my birthday based on the reviews, including yours. I love it.

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CRKT Halfachance revisited

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