CRKT Ken Onion Wrinkle: Killer Deal at Woot


The CRKT Wrinkle is being sold for 76% off at the discount site Woot. Turns out the $29 deal drove a lot of curious shoppers to TTAK.

When I looked at the site analytics this afternoon, I noticed a spike in traffic on an unlikely post. Chris Dumm wrote “New From CRKT: Snap-On Wrinkle by Ken Onion” a year ago tomorrow, and for whatever reason it accounted for over 10% of the traffic today. I watched this trend for a couple of hours and did a little poking around but I was baffled. Finally, posted an “Editor’s Update” at the top of the post, welcoming the visitors and inquiring about how they found us. Turns out the discount site is offering the (non Snap-On version) of the CRKT Wrinkle for only $29.99 (76% off the $125 retail), and TTAK shows up on the first page if you Google “CRKT Wrinkle Review”. Turns out the traffic was organic rather than an “Instalanche” style referral from another website.

I retweet sale announcements on Twitter (@knifetruth) because I follow a whole slew of knife related feeds and come across some very good deals. But I seldom dedicate a post on the blog itself to a sale. $30 is an exceptional price for a Ken Onion designed knife ($125 retail is a bit steep for an AUS8 knife IMHO but the Woot deal is pretty sweet) and with the sidebar about the analytics I figured it warranted mention.

If you are visiting because of Woot, please say hello, and we hope you come back and visit again. If you buy the knife, let us know what you think.


  1. Mike L says:

    Over on there is a little blurb about restricted shipping of said knife to the Soviet Republic of New York. So I click and download the PDF file of verbotten zip codes. I got my morning laugh when I opened up FOUR pages of small print listing HUNDREDS of zip codes. I expected the handful of Manhattan. So this covers most of NY state. 20 Million folks disenfranchised.

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CRKT Ken Onion Wrinkle: Killer Deal at Woot

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