Daily Mail Doubles-down on Stupid: Renews their attack on Joerg Sprave

Joerg Sprave

This past April, the UK’s Daily Mail went on a crusade against YouTube celebrity Joerg Sprave – proprietor of the Slingshot Channel. They got their knickers in a twist over a video where Joerg demonstrates how easily a “stab-resistant” is defeated , as it had been in the recent fatal attack outside of Parliament.

They succeeded in getting the video taken down temporarily, but it was soon restored. YouTube has issued a final judgement on the video, declaring it “does not cross the line” and is “clear in its intention”.

This did not sit well with the hoplophobic nitwits at the Daily Mail:

Web giant YouTube has defied calls to take down a sickening video showing how to penetrate a stab vest because it claims it will enhance safety.

The astonishing refusal comes after Home Secretary Amber Rudd revealed a terror plot had been inspired by online videos showing how to attack someone who is wearing a stab vest.

The YouTube clip shows how to plunge a knife through a protective vest similar to the one worn by Westminster terror victim PC Keith Palmer.

In April, The Mail on Sunday exposed how the video was available little more than a week after terrorist Khalid Masood mounted the pavement in a hired car in March – killing three people plus a fourth who died two weeks later – before murdering PC Palmer.

After the MoS alerted YouTube owners Google, the video was removed. But just two weeks later the footage was reposted under a slightly different name on YouTube.

And now the company is refusing to remove it, because the filmmaker says he is only exposing safety weaknesses.

Last night, a YouTube spokeswoman said: ‘Alongside our campaign to prevent abuse of our platform by those that seek to do harm, we must also protect the freedoms of people who don’t, and where content does not cross the line and is clear in its intention, it stays up.’

On a visit to the US last week to rally support for her campaign to combat extremist online content, Ms Rudd revealed: ‘This summer we managed to disrupt a plot that involved an individual learning how to get through a stab vest from online videos.

‘Luckily he was caught before he was able to fulfil this terrible vision but it was instructive to know where he got his information from.’

Last night, Rudd told the MoS: ‘It is precisely videos of this nature that can encourage British extremists to commit acts of violence.

‘The internet must not be used as a platform for material that inspires terrorism.’

I agree that social media platforms could do a great bit more to weed out terrorist recruiting videos, but to target Joerg Sprave was a bit ridiculous. Then again we have come to expect that from our friends across the pond.


  1. Geoff PR says:

    “They succeeded in getting the video taken down temporarily, but it was soon restored.”

    They will *never* silence Joerg Sprave’s laugh! 😉

  2. William Burke says:

    The war on whistleblowers must stop! This is the conduct of scoundrels and ne’er-do-wells and someone needs to end it.

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Daily Mail Doubles-down on Stupid: Renews their attack on Joerg Sprave

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