Daily Mail slanders Slingshot Channel’s Joerg Sprave – accuses him of instructing terrorists

Joerg Sprave

Following the horrendous jihadi knife and vehicular attack in Britain which left 4 dead including PC Keith Palmer of the Metropolitan Police, the Daily Mail lost its everloving mind, launching an “investigation” into a video by Joerg Sprave of the Slingshot Channel -which we had shared, and has been taken down because we can’t have nice things apparently.

Daily Mail “Journalists” Simon Murphy and a Andrew Young, are themselves lucky to be alive as they were clutching their pearls so tightly that they could have easily asphyxiated themselves over the video of Mr. Sprave demonstrating how easy it is to penetrate a “stab-resistant” vest. They accuse YouTube and  Joerg from profiting over a “vile” video which they claim is being used to instruct potential jihadis.

From Daily Mail UK:

The seven-minute film, entitled How To Pierce A Stab Proof Vest, demonstrates how to plunge a knife through protective body armour and has been viewed nearly a quarter of a million times – generating thousands of pounds in advertising revenue.

The video was made by German weapons obsessive Jörg Sprave, who proudly displays on the wall of his living room a framed award from YouTube for attracting a million subscribers to his films.

The Mail on Sunday easily found the film online despite promises made last week by YouTube owners Google to crack down on extremist material.

Last night, Home Secretary Amber Rudd condemned the video and demanded that YouTube take action to ensure similar films are banned.

She said: ‘We will not tolerate the internet being used to hide terrorist activities or, as The Mail on Sunday has revealed, provide information to assist them in their terrible activities.

‘Following my meeting last week, major internet companies including Google have agreed to work together in an international forum to ensure this sort of material isn’t available. I will want to see early and effective progress.’

And Labour’s Yvette Cooper, chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee, said: ‘The idea that YouTube and Google should profit from something so depraved is appalling.

‘When are Google going to get their act together and stop making money out of vile hatred?’

The revelation comes little more than a week after Khalid Masood mounted the pavement on Westminster Bridge in a hired car, killing three people, before killing PC Palmer by stabbing him through the chest.

Yesterday, after being contacted by The Mail on Sunday, YouTube removed the video but it had already been online for more than six months, earning thousands of pounds in advertising revenue from companies including Netflix – though they cannot choose the YouTube videos in which their adverts appear.

In the film, Sprave stands in a wooded area of his back garden in southern Germany explaining to viewers how they can modify a knife and its handle so it can be used to pierce a protective vest.

The one he uses is similar to the vests worn by Metropolitan Police officers.

He thrusts the knife through the stab vest which is attached to a makeshift dummy. ‘Wow, look at that, I pierced the safety vest,’ he boasts, adding: ‘As you can see, it definitely pierced deep enough to cause major harm.’

One member of the public commenting on the video wrote: ‘Thanks to you, a lot of people now know how to kill a police officer.’

When another YouTube viewer questioned why Sprave would teach people how to pierce a stab vest, he replied chillingly: ‘Because I can, obviously.’

And another outraged viewer wrote: ‘I work in corrections [prisons]. You are putting my life in danger.’

Sprave, 51, started making films on YouTube as a hobby around eight years ago. He became so successful with his channel that in January he gave up his job with a German electronics firm.

Yesterday, when approached by The Mail on Sunday, Sprave, who has 120,000 subscribers in the UK, defended the video.

Interviewed at his former hunting lodge home in the village of Rothenburg near Heidelberg, he said: ‘I just want to show that people who wear these vests should not feel invincible.

‘They are still vulnerable. These vests should not be described as stab proof.’

No. No they should not. As was unfortunately demonstrated (or should I say demonstrated on) by an Israeli journalist, the vests are “stab-resistant” not “stab-proof”.

Getting the video removed was not enough for some people. Others felt that Sprave’s channel should be removed entirely. He was issued a “Community Guideline Strike” which can lead to a deletion of one’s channel if violations continue.

The strike has since been removed, but I would expect that now that the hoplophobes have identified Sprave as a target, he is likely going to face a campaign of harassment. Never mind that having his channel deleted would cause him to loose his livelihood – he gave up his day job to focus on making really awesome videos of his homemade weapons. That is what I find “vile” about this whole situation.

The notion that a jihadi needs to watch one of Sprave’s videos to learn that he or she needs to use something pointy and stab hard is preposterous. As Joerg said in the second video I embedded: “If I wanted to teach someone how to defeat a vest, I would have highlighted the areas the vest doesn’t cover”.

Besides, ISIS already releases how-to advice specifically meant to instruct would-be jihadis on how to stab someone.


Isis infographic from their publication Rumiyah

I am happy to say that there has been some backlash against the Daily Mail, not that it is likely to cause them to moderate their hysterical hoplophobia. Scrolling through the comments on their article, they are overwhelmingly pro-Sprave. Many propose that he is doing the police a favor in highlighting the deficiencies in their equipment.

Here is just a sampling of the comments from Sprave’s supporters.

if anything in this video can be described as “sickening” it would have to be the fact that they try to sell this product as a stab vest i for one am grateful to the guy who exposed just how useless they are just imagine you actually decided to buy this vest and got stabbed….. good luck m8

There is nothing vile about that video, it is a simple demonstration of the inneficiency of such a vest for self-defense. Please refrain from ruining this poor man’s reputation in a desperate attempt to seem relevant.

-Rian M., Strabane, United Kingdom, 2 days ago

This is so stupid. He has no links to terrorism what so ever. His video is not “Vile” it’s purely educational. He is simply testing the strength of a cheap vest he bought online with a weapon that he made. This article is made just to get clicks.

-Logan P. Regina, Canada, 2 days ago

As usual on his YouTube channel he was testing something, he ended up testing that to try and see if it was safe for you to wear. In a recent video he made, he explained why he made that video and his reasoning behind it was that he wanted to show you that you shouldn’t buy that vest because you will get hurt. If anyone is sick minded here it’s you. This is his job, and if you’re trying to get him kicked off YouTube you are effectively firing him from his job. If he gets fired because of you all 1.5 million of his subscribers will come after you. Not to mention other YouTubers will not be happy with you because of what you did to him. Your actions were childish and you didn’t think things through before you did them.

-jrmrmm, Canberra, Australia, 2 days ago

The authors of this article seem to subscribe to the “security theatre” school of thought that encourages the illusion of safety over actual, tangible safety. By discouraging the dissemination of these videos and outright vilifying and lambasting someone when they bring legitimate criticism to the table, whatever the format, means that civilians and police will not benefit from improved product design. In the single still, he is shown stabbing the vest centrally (which should be the strongest point), whilst applying his bodyweight. He is clearly not using any technique other than brute force, something which I feel terrorists have already discovered. I have many more criticisms of the article, but I have limited space. Needless to say, the authors are speaking from a position of clear ignorance and astounding arrogance, using emotive and misleading language purely for their own benefit, not for the benefit of public safety, despite what they have convinced themselves.

As Sprave constantly demonstrates, pretty much anything can be weaponized given a bit of creativity. Even a pencil.


  1. Jon says:

    So will History’s “Forged in Fire” be censored? I was watching reruns where they stabbed through some Japanese samurai armor with a sword. That’s irresponsible entertainment! What if some jihadi from Buttheadistan decides to forge a katana?

  2. PeterK says:

    It’s always good when preachy ignoramuses ruin things for all of us. Wait no. The opposite of that. SIGH.

  3. Chase M. says:

    I love the idea that Joerg is being picked on presumably over this one video showing already well known weaknesses of this type of body armor. If anything the mainstream media should praise him for highlighting this problem which might lead to better armor.

    1. Hannibal says:

      Shhh if we don’t know they don’t work, we don’t have to worry about it!

  4. Scottie says:

    But if you run a bakery, you have to make a cake for a gay couples wedding. Aren’t both of these businesses private enterprises?

  5. Ellie says:

    He wasn’t showing how to kill a police officer her was showing how shite best armour from amazon is. I’m pretty fucking sure the police wouldn’t get their body armour from fucking Amazon

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Daily Mail slanders Slingshot Channel’s Joerg Sprave – accuses him of instructing terrorists

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