Defensive Chainsaw Use of the Day: Landscapers disrupt knife-wielding road-rager

Don’t ever bring a knife to a chainsaw fight

When a man jumped out of his car to confront motorist Dawn Jones, he began to wave a knife around and make threats against her. The scene was witnessed by a pair of landscapers who came to her rescue.

From Daily News Journal (Murfreesboro, TN) :

The victim told police that had to slam on her brakes to avoid hitting the vehicle in front of her, and the driver got out and started yelling at her.

“The suspect was inside his car and got a knife out,” the report states. “He then got out of the car and started yelling at her while waving the knife.”

Jones and her niece stayed in the car, but two men nearby, Michael and William Wilson were trimming trees, saw the incident and came over to defuse the confrontation, Lamb said.

“The suspect then began coming toward them with a knife and threatened to stab them,” the report states. “Michael Wilson then grabbed a chainsaw to defend himself and the suspect retreated.”

They were able to get the license plate information and the suspect was identified as Justin Conners, 25. Lamb said he obtained warrants for aggravated assault and felony reckless endangerment for Conners.

Chainsaw beats knife. Every time. I imagine. I haven’t heard of any other comparable situations.

On a tangential note:

That is my Stihl MS251c in the picture. I love it. I have had it since the Spring when I finally gave up on my Husqvarna which was the most temperamental piece of crap I have ever dealt with. It was horrible even by two-stroke standards. When I could actually get the effing thing started, something would inevitably break down before I was through one tank of gas.

The Stihl has the Easy2Start™ system which blows my mind. When you pull the cord it coils a spring which builds tension until it trips and imparts the stored energy to the flywheel. It takes 3 tries at most to start the saw cold. It fires up on the first pull every time when warm. I can start it with 2 fingers and a slow pull. It must be tried to be believed.

I highly recommend this tool.


  1. Nail nick says:

    I don’t believe the story everyone knows, you need a tactical black chainsaw with a tanto chain .

  2. Malcolm Young says:

    Also a keymod handguard and a green (to protect the N-vi-re-mont) laser.

  3. stuartb says:

    He probably just saw that she cut him off!

  4. VaqueroJustice says:


  5. cmeat says:

    an old stihl 8hp lives in the tool cage at work. when we pull up old utility poles, we make ’em bite size with that thing, 36″ bar maybe. it’s a beast.
    i always heard husqv’s chain saws were great. nice bikes too, even after they became husaberg. they made some automatic dirt bikes that worked ok. i think their rifles are considered high quality. i’d like to see one of their street bikes from 80years ago.

  6. Sam L. says:

    Ya cain’t throw a chainsaw and make it stick. Well, downside to ever’thang.

  7. knightofbob says:

    The couple seasons I used chainsaws professionally, I strongly preferred Stihl. Some of the guys loved the Husqvarnas, I’m not sure why. The Stihls we had were lighter, more responsive, much more reliable. Then again, most of them were out-of-the-box brand new when we started using them. They did only seem to get better as they broke in, though.

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Defensive Chainsaw Use of the Day: Landscapers disrupt knife-wielding road-rager

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