Defensive Knife Use At Chicago Riverwalk: No Charges For Defenders

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A 31 year-old mugger (or nutjob) attacked two people along the Chicago Riverwalk last night, and one of them fought back with a knife. The unnamed attacker is currently in the hospital with cuts to his chest and face; when he recovers he’ll likely be headed to jail.

This is all good so far, but what’s the best part? The defenders won’t be charged, according to police.

The defenders were initially detained by police, but were released when the police concluded they were not the aggressors. They haven’t been named, but police say they’re unlikely to face any criminal charges.

Details are extremely scarce for this story, which I found here at Fox News Chicago. I’m frankly amazed that the concept of self-defense is still alive in the Consolidated Kingdom Of Emmanuel I. I’m also delighted at the fairly nonchalant response of the Chicago media, who seem to accept (at least this once) that people who are attacked are allowed to defend themselves with whatever weapons necessary.

If only that applied to firearms as well? But that’s right, it does. It’s called the 2nd Amendment, and someday soon it might even apply in Chicago too.


  1. Mike B says:

    Any word on if the blade was less than 2.5 inches long?

    1. Chris Dumm says:

      A big knife is better (except when dealing with the police) but even a little knife is better than no knife at all.

      1. Mike B says:

        Chicago legal limit is 2.5

  2. Aharon says:

    The two people who fended off his attack were initially taken into custody. But police said they will not likely be charged because they do not believe the two instigated the attack.

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Defensive Knife Use At Chicago Riverwalk: No Charges For Defenders

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