Defensive Knife Use: Robbery victim disarms, fatally wounds perp.

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“He stabbed his heart in San Francisco…”


After being stabbed in an armed-robbery attempt, a San Francisco-area man killed his attacker with the perp’s own knife.


An attempted robbery in San Leandro Thursday took an unexpected turn for a bandit when the 10-inch knife he used to attack a man was turned on him causing fatal injuries, officials said.

The victim was walking just outside Heath Park on the 1200 block of 143rd Avenue around 12:40 a.m. when the assailant jumped out of the bushes and demanded his cell phone and wallet, said Lt. Ron Clark of the San Leandro Police Department.

“The victim hesitated in some way shape or form and was immediately stabbed a number of times by the suspect,” Clark said.

The victim then threw his wallet in one direction and fled in the other. But the suspect chased after him, Clark added.

The two ended up in a scuffle and the victim was able to grab the 10-inch fixed-blade knife from the suspect and stab him back in what police are calling a justifiable homicide.

I would love to know if he had some training or if he was acting on fear and adrenaline alone. Either way, kudos to the gentleman for refusing to be a victim.


  1. Hannibal says:

    I roll my eyes when most people talk about using a knife as a weapon. A knife fight is a bloody thing and usually everyone gets stuck, even if only one person came in with a knife. Especially when all that blood is on the handle making it slippery.

    There’s a reason soldiers in the age of blades tended to carry dedicated weapons instead of kitchen/general purpose knives. Hilts, blade lengths and specific grips all made it easier to use one. Oh, and training\experience. There’s that.

  2. Johann Amadeus Metesky says:

    Accept the fact that you’re going to bleed and you have a decent chance of surviving a knife attack. The last thing a knife attacker expects, particularly one with no knife fighting experience, is a counterattack. Go after the hand with the knife, then use every part of your body, knees, elbows, head, as weapons.

    A hardwood walking stick, particularly one with a metal handle, makes a fine defensive weapon that can keep a knife attacker at bay.

  3. ArizonaMike says:

    Or, you could bring a gun to the knife fight.

    1. Paul says:

      Absolutely! And here in Texas lots of people do carry guns.

    2. MPH says:

      According to Fernando Aguirre, author of Surviving the Economic Collapse (based on his experiences with dealing with the economic collapse of Argentina in 2001), you do NOT want to be the only person without a knife in a knife fight, even if you’ve got a gun. Supposedly (I read this elsewhere) 80% of stabbing victims die, 80% of shooting victims survive.

  4. Mic says:

    Dear old Dad taught all us boys that everyone gets cut in a knife fight, you have to choose which part you will sacrifice to get in close enough to cut them where it counts.

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Defensive Knife Use: Robbery victim disarms, fatally wounds perp.

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