Defensive Knife Use: Teen stabs would-be abductor with her pocketknife

teen stabs would-be abductor

In a city where even the police chief recommends people arm themselves, comes this story of a brave teen girl who fought back against a grown-man, escaping her would-be abductor by stabbing him with her pocketknife.


Detroit News reports that the girl was near a school on the city’s northwest side when the man approached her Friday evening. She told police that she fought back when he tried to grab her.

Police say she pulled out a pocket knife during the scuffle and stabbed him in the side. She told police that he fell to the ground before he ran away.

The girl and her mother reported the attempted abduction at a nearby police station. The paper reports that the girl told police that the same man attempted to abduct her last year.

So she was carrying the knife because she had a reasonable need to protect herself. Thankfully she was never actually caught with the knife at school. But she was near a school, which was enough to get a Kalifonia man charged.

You see, the schools schools all over have no problem ignoring context and attempt to ruin students lives – even an honor student in nearby Dearborn Hts., for completely innocuous behavior.


  1. Sam L. says:

    He’d tried this before? Police must have more important things to do that arrest the guy.

  2. Paul on Harsens Island says:

    As a resident in southeastern Michigan, in my opinion it’s misleading to connect the Detroit Public Schools where the girl used a knife in self defence with the Dearborn school system, and lump them both together as “the schools in Detroit”. Even a little research would uncover that Detroit and Dearborn/Dearborn Hts. are world’s apart. I enjoy your knife reviews. These types of stories, not so much.

    1. Your fair criticism has been noted, and I tightened the language up in the piece to be more accurate

      1. Paul on Harsens Island says:

        Thank you.

  3. Mal says:

    This sounds like a business opportunity: storage lockers for rent outside gun/knife/weapon/whatever free zones.

  4. Mike says:

    We who are not Marxist, anti-Christian, post Western-Civilization neutered types want to know some answers. What kind of knife? A fixed-blade? A folder? An Emerson? A Benchmade? Come on, give us some details. You go, girl!

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Defensive Knife Use: Teen stabs would-be abductor with her pocketknife

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