Deranged Homeless Man In NYC Stabbing Rampage With Scissors.

Image: NY Daily News

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Five people were injured Tuesday morning, some of them seriously, when a mentally ill homeless man went on a stabbing rampage on an Upper West Side riverfront bike path. New York’s, uh, ‘Finest’ were nowhere to be seen as 43 year-old Julius Graham used a large pair of scissors to stab or slash every person he encountered, according to NYC police commissioner Ray Kelley.

As in so many other emergencies, bystanders once again proved to be the real ‘First Responders’ here. They jumped Graham and held him for police, while others aided the wounded until EMS arrived.

All of this reinforces several points we’ve been making from the very beginning:

  • There are no dangerous weapons, only dangerous people. This crazy didn’t even need a knife to stab and slash five people.
  • Civilian disarmament laws like NYC’s Sullivan Act and New York’s utterly retarded knife laws only disarm the law-abiding civilians. Bad guys and nutbags will keep arming up whenever they want to.
  • These laws need to change, so that there will be no more ‘defenseless victim zones’ for crazies and evildoers to terrorize.
  • Mental illness is usually treatable, but we need to force the crazies to take their meds or else lock them up, way before they do things like this.
  • In an emergency, don’t wait for help. Be the help.



  1. jwm says:

    Ban deranged homeless men. Do it for the children.

  2. indian says:

    ban tactical scissors with black handles before more innocent lives are lost!

    1. Arod529 says:

      What!? I was always taught that tactical scissors had pink handles. You know, to lull the victims into thinking they were safe. Excuse me while go find some black handled scissors before the panic buying kicks in.

  3. The law is actually making civilians weak and making the criminals and mad guys stronger. That’s really need to be changed at least to give us the chance to protect ourselves.

  4. Out_Fang_Thief says:

    Upper West side? Talk about your irony. This area is full of upper-class liberals who are anti-gun, and anti-anything that they deem to be violent. Here, their dangerous theories, and the resulting consequences of disarmament, are playing out right there in their own back yard.

  5. Aharon says:

    The comments by many NYC residents are along the lines of “thankfully, he did not have a gun” and almost none about the rights of good law-abiding people to being able to defend themselves. BTW, no sarcastic comments about the police not being there to defend people who can’t by law defend themselves.

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Deranged Homeless Man In NYC Stabbing Rampage With Scissors.

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