DKU of the Day: Mine’s Bigger Edition

dundee2In a perfect world, our friends in Chicago would not be denied the protections of the 2nd Amendment. Instead, honest citizens must make use of what tools they can to protect themselves and others from those that would prey on the defenseless. Recently, good Samaritans Andrew and Joel Leach heard the screams of a woman who had been bitten and had her iPhone stolen. They responded and chased the perpetrator, Robert Henderson,when he turned on them with a box-cutter in his hand and asked “Do you guys want to get cut?”…

“I pulled my own knife and said, ‘Mine’s bigger than yours,'” Leach said. “He saw my knife and started running again.”

Leach said he and his brother, both from Joliet, kept pace and caught up with the other man a second time after he ran through traffic and into an alley east of Wabash Avenue. “We pretty much told him, ‘Look, all we want is her property,”’ Leach said.

You can read more in the Chicago Tribune, but in a nutshell the victim recovered her iPhone and the perpetrator was arrested and charged with felony armed robbery and aggravated battery.  The brothers get their 15 minutes of fame, and if they are lucky won’t face charges themselves.

If you noticed above, I said “honest citizens” instead of “law abiding” since the blade that Leach was carrying was 5″ in length – twice the legal limit for EDC knives in the Windy City. This case illustrates clearly the idiocy of knife and gun restrictions. The perpetrator used a legal tool and was thwarted by an honest individual wielding an illegal one.

In fact, the only actual assault that took place was Henderson’s biting of the victim’s hand. As far as I can tell, not even the most hoplophobic lawmaker has proposed restrictions on one’s teeth. Though in Chicago, you never can tell what they will think of next.

CT foiled-robbery001.JPG

Joel and Andrew Leach. Bad-ass Good Guys. (photo from Chicago Tribune)

(h/t Libertarian Republic)


  1. jwm says:

    Nobody wants to get stabbed. a blade invokes a visceral fear in folks that much magnifies it’s deterrent effect. I’ll bet that on a fear meter the blade scores higher than the bullet.

    Nicely done guys.

  2. Charlie Johnson says:

    That looks just like my old Timberline Kelly Worden knife (Wor-Tac?) Or a derivative thereof. A bit shy of 5 inches in blade, but not a bad defensive choice, although mine had lock issues.

  3. Bob says:

    A buddy of mine who is an auctioneer had a confrontation like this. Lets just say that not a whole lot of “knives” are bigger than 36 inches.

  4. ChuckN says:

    “if they are lucky won’t face charges themselves”

    Let’s just hope that the publicity will keep the
    Chicago PD and DAs in check.

  5. CB says:

    Being from Detroit, I found it perfectly ironic that the only time I have ever had to draw a weapon outside of uniform was in Chicago. I had a SOG SEAL Pup in a underarm sheath and the sound of that clearing kydex was enough to convince them that I did not in fact “got dat monies ya owes me”. The Dundee is cliche, but damn if it doesn’t happen.

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DKU of the Day: Mine’s Bigger Edition

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