DKU: West Virginia State Trooper uses knife in fight for his life


Trooper J.J Cornelius used his knife to fend off a perpetrator trying to kill him.

When West Virginia Trooper J.J. Cornelius found himself in a life-or death struggle while serving a warrant, he was unable to reach his gun. In desperation he drew his knife, stabbing Nathaniel Wegmen multiple times in the abdomen and chin.

From WV MetroNews:

Nathaniel Wegman, 27, who was wanted on an outstanding warrant for burglary in Indiana. After Wegman fled on foot, Cornelius caught up to him when he jumped into Mill Creek.

“There was a struggle that ensued and caused the trooper to fall and hit his head,” said West Virginia state police spokesman Lt. Michael Baylous. “When he did, Mr. Wegman attempted to choke him, drown him, and to murder him right there.”

As his head was being held underwater by his throat Cornelius was unable to reach his gun, which was pinned under his body.  Instead he grabbed his knife and used it to thwart the attack.

“He was able to stab him a couple of times in the abdomen area and the chin,” Baylous said. “It caused some pretty significant wounds.”

Wounded and bleeding, Wegman left the area in a vehicle driven by Laura Lynn, 32, of Mooresville, Ind. A bystander who wasn’t involved in the incident came to help Cornelius.

“It’s my understanding he had either lost consciousness at one point or was about to lose consciousness,” said Baylous. “Had it not been for this person who came and helped him, he very likely could have drowned.”

I don’t know what knife Trooper Cornelius used to save his life, but one option that folks should consider for the above situation (where legal) is a push/punch dagger. It is the last-ditch weapon favored by SOF Sgt. Major John “Shrek” McPhee, aka the Sheriff of Baghdad. You don’t need to have training in knife fighting, as Shrek says, “You make a fist and throw punches like your life depends on it”.

(h/t KnifeRights on Facebook)

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DKU: West Virginia State Trooper uses knife in fight for his life

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