Dr. Sebastian Gorka follows TTAK, and apparently an “alarmingly high number” of Twitter knife-accounts

TTAK didn’t make the article or the screenshot, but he follows us too.

When I noticed that Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Deputy Assistant to President Trump and frequent surrogate on NPR and Fox News, followed us on Twitter, I thought “that’s kinda cool” since he follows only a modest 1648 accounts on his Twitter. (@SebGorka)

Observer.com seems to find the fact that 15 of those are knife companies or related to the industry somehow alarming. Less than 1 percent (0.00910) of his followed accounts? Oh my!

When I read the headline “Trump’s Deputy Assistant Follows Alarmingly High Number of Knife Accounts on Twitter” , I figured I would have a look and see if there was anyone I should follow myself. When I found only 15, including ours, I was actually a bit disappointed. He follows Emerson, Cold Steel, SOG, Benchmade, Kershaw, Spyderco, and Boker, as well as retailers BladeHQ, Knife Depot, and KnifeCenter, AKTI, BLADEShow, Knife Thursday, TTAK,  and KnifeInformer. I was hoping to find something new. Not just a group of accounts I already follow, which represent 1.6% of my 886 followed accounts.

If Dr. Gorka reads this, here are some suggestions:

Knife Rights: @kniferights : The driving force behind dozens of pro-Knife measures in 13 states and counting.

How about aknife-maker like Darrel Ralph : @darrelralph_DDR ? You would get a kick out of his public enthusiasm for your boss. He is really all-in.

How about a master like Murray Carter? @catercutlery. I have no idea Murray’s politics, nor do I care, but his blades are works of art. I am a proud owner of one.

How about @bladesmith111? Sean McWilliams doesn’t have many followers, but this gives me a chance to give him a plug. He is a super nice guy who has carved out a niche in the knifemaking world by mastering forging stainless.


Just a few suggestions to take your apparent love of knives to the next level. Do our readers want to suggest any accounts? Have at it in the comments. I’d love to find some new knife accounts to follow. Who are your favorites? 


From Observer.com:

Someone went through Sebastian Gorka’s Twitter and found out something kind of concerning. He follows a lot of accounts about knives. Like, a lot.

@Blade_Show, @ColdSteelKnives and @KnifeDepot? Yup, yup and yup. He also follows @KnifeThursday, which has the bio “weekly celebration of one of our most cherished tools. We claim Thursday as THE day to oogle(sic), fondle and celebrate our knives.” And then there’s @SaveOurKnives, “an advocacy organization ensuring Americans can mak (sic), buy, sell, own, carry and use knives and edged tools.”

And those are just a few of them. Business Insider reporter Natasha Bertrand‏ found a bunch more and tweeted about it, asking “are you ok @SebGorka?”

It also claims “a lot of Dr. Who”. I saw something like a half-dozen sites.This is really lazy journalism. Clickbait. But it is worth reading the embeded tweets. Some are kind of amusing.

The rest of his feed looks like your typical Conservative beltway talking head. Lots of think tanks, media personalities, and news sites. Not exclusively Conservative, but certainly biased in that direction. Pretty unremarkable actually.



  1. While you’re oogling knives why not smell the Parmigiana, Along with scads of knife and gun nuts, I follow @Scuole_Cucina most of my knife work and testing happens in la cucina, choppity, chop, chop!

  2. Arctodus says:

    There are a lot of people who cannot master their fear. Some of them are in positions to address a larger group of people (I.e. Observer(dot)com). This is a real problem within a Free society.
    It is one thing to be genuinely afraid. It is something completely different to manipulate information to create fear when there is nothing to be afraid of.

  3. Arctodus says:

    Yeah, I was gonna suggest

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Dr. Sebastian Gorka follows TTAK, and apparently an “alarmingly high number” of Twitter knife-accounts

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