EDC for CCW: HK Knives Made By Benchmade In USA For $50

 Image courtesy Benchmade Knives

It’s okay to be dubious about gun-branded knives, especially when they’re a backup to your gun-branded gun. Plenty of smart gunnies carry Smith & Wesson handguns, but the S&W knives you see at gun shows are just garbage. Heckler & Koch makes particularly nice handguns if you have the means, and they’re no stranger to the term ‘badge-engineering’ either.

But H&K’s rebranded gear is first-rate. If you need an example, think Benelli shotguns. And Benchmade knives.

The 14410 Soldat model shown above is made in the US of A with an N680 blade (I dare you to get it to rust) and Grivory handles. With a curiously Spidey-looking opening hole and a reversible tip-up pocket clip, it’s a perfect EDC for CCW option.

Benchmade’s MSRP for the Soldat is $70, but you don’t have to be much of a bargain hunter to snag it for $50.

Image courtesy Benchmade KnivesBut why carry a knife that’s already broken in half? If your jurisdiction (or your CCW permit) allows fixed-blade carry, this fixed-blade ‘Plan D’ is another great choice despite its funky looks. It’s also Made In America with an N680 blade, and costs about the same as the Soldat.

If price and country of origin are prime considerations in your knife purchases, these rebranded Benchmades might just punch your ticket. Even if they do sport the trademark of a notoriously snooty foreign gunmaker, there aren’t a great many US-made knives with good steels and good reputations at prices like this.



  1. Nathan says:

    I think Benchmade licenses the Spydie hole. I can be wrong. Wouldn’t be the first time two knife companies shared stuff (Emerson and Spyderco, Al Mar and Spyderco)

  2. Nanashi says:

    For the record, I’ve found my S&W Extreme Ops to be entirely adequate if not a stellar performer for daily tasks like cutting plastic straps and tape, breaking down boxes, sharpening pencils, etc. Stripping insulation from wires not so much, but that’s more a function of the serrations than anything else and to be fair that wasn’t something I was looking for in a knife when I picked her up.

  3. Mark Davis says:

    I’m one of those guys who prefers US-made stuff. I also love Benchmades but I’ve always overlooked their H&K line. Based on the price, I assumed they were imported. I’m going to take another look at these. Thanks for the heads up, TTAK!

    1. Chris Dumm says:

      Be sure to check the Benchmade website; not all Benchmade HKs are US-made.

  4. S. C. Smith says:

    Chris, I just discovered your site, and have been looking through it. This post was rather twilight zone for me because I reviewed the Soldat on my YouTube channel just a few weeks before you published this. I’ll post a link to the review if that’s kosher with you.

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EDC for CCW: HK Knives Made By Benchmade In USA For $50

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