EDC For CCW: Kershaw Injection 3.0

Image courtesy Kai USATodd Rexford is a custom knifemaker with his own line of very modernist knives. He’s keen to use premium handle materials like G10, niobium and titanium, as well as  blades of super-premium S35VN and Stellite 6K. If a Rexford knife has a 154CM blade, it’s probably considered ‘boring.’ Rexford’s knives also feature price tags in the “If You Have To Ask…” category, which make the $500 Chris Reeve Sebenza look positively disposable in comparison.

Rexford recently collaborated with Kershaw and lent his design skills to the Injection 3.0 and 3.5. These manual thumb-stud flippers put Rexford style into the collections and pants pockets of ordinary guys with real-world budgets. It’s not a full custom, but you don’t see many full customs for $30.

The specs are simple on paper: it’s got a 3-inch drop point blade, dual thumbstud opening, a 4-inch grip, reversible/ambi pocket clips, and weighs 3.3 ounces. The Injection 3.5 is (obviously) slightly larger.

The Injection’s modernist design fits right in with the Rexford repertoire, and so do the G10 scales. The not-exactly-premium-but-utterly-practical 8Cr13MoV blade is about what you’d expect in this price range, and so is its Chinese origin.

If it holds up as well as my old $20 Kershaw Beacon (another Chinese 8Cr13, but far less handsome) this could be a fine EDC for CCW blade that won’t break your heart or budget if you lose it. The fully reversible/ambidextrous pocket clip is a nice touch for southpaws who prefer tip-down carry, or CCW holders who like to keep their backup weapon on the weak side.



  1. NavyRetGold says:

    This looks pretty good for a cheap knife. The 3.5 is big enough for defensive EDC, and like Chris says, no big deal if you lose it. The 3.0 is worthwhile for more mundane and less intimidating carry. Thanks for bringing this one to light.

  2. Don says:

    I ordered one after you posted this because I really like the lines on this knife. The UPS guy just dropped it off about an hour and 40 minutes ago.

    It’s pretty nice looking pocketknife.

    The blade was reasonably sharp out of the box, but a toothy sharp. The edge was not polished (they never are at this price point and well above it). It was almost certainly sharpened with some kind of wheel sharpener at the factory. I’d prefer a very slightly less angle on the edge. The grinds at the point where close to visually symmetric when viewed from the trailing edge of the blade, which is not bad at all.

    I hit it with the 4000 and then the 8000 grit water stone and then lightly with a ultra fine ceramic. The edge now has a mirror shine to it and it is nicely sharp. I think this steel 8Cr13MoV, is supposed to be very similar to AUS-8 (which I think the same as 8Cr15Mov). It certainly feels close to sharpening AUS-8 (a little slippery) and the finished edge has a familiar feel to it. The ricasso is adequate enough to ensure you can get to the whole edge without rubbing the handle on the edge of your stones (pet peeve).

    The thumb stud is fairly large has these subtle scallop cuts in it which are actually pretty functional, giving your thumb a little traction. I’d like it if it had some jimping on the trailing edge of the tang and on the bottom of the handle near the liner lock.

    The pivot mechanism feels really great and really sturdy. I haven’t taken it apart to see what it is yet. There’s no side to side or up and down play in the mechanism.

    The liner lock is adequate. The liner lock is about half as thick as the blade steel. For comparison, my Kershaw Speedsafe liner lock is about a third the blade thickness, so this was a pleasant surprise.

    The handle construction seems really sturdy. The G10 scales feel good in the hand and are attractively contoured. They are fit to the liners well, but not perfect. A little bit of light shows through at one of the corners and the edges aren’t perfect. Two tiny torx hold each scale on and I am uncertain if the pivot engages with the scales, or if it is a pass through.

    The handle’s about half flow through and half backspacer. Its got two good sized standoffs along the top holding it together. The liners are pretty thick and the handle construction is symmetric (both liners and scales are the same thickness). If you pinch the handle on either side with moderate pressure at the at the weakest point in the center of the handle the two halves of the handle do not bend in much at all. This I like. The pocket clip seems sturdy and is reversible with two tiny torx.

    The scales and the pocket clip take the same size torx, the pivot mechanism looks like it takes a slightly smaller torx. It appears you can take the scales off without perturbing the pivot mechanism but I have not verified this yet, if so that would be really nice.

    I’ve done no tests with it other than sharpening so all I can say is it seems to be built pretty well and its got killer lines with the wide full flat ground drop point blade shape and the clean looking handle shape. This knife at $36.65 is easily of equivalent construction quality to what would be a respectable $60 offering from other makers.


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EDC For CCW: Kershaw Injection 3.0

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