EDC for CCW? Probably Not, But Still Cool

I was browsing The Edge Observer blog as I do on occasion. I ran across this knife and thought “Hey, here’s something original.” I present to you the Nilte Quiete.

The article goes into all of the specifications, which I am not going to repeat. I will say that I am really interested in this knife. It may not have any super steel in it, it may not be a tank, and it definitely doesn’t flip, but I think that it would make a stellar EDC  blade for when time is not of the essence.

I think the sheepsfoot blade is well-executed. Oftentimes I see wharncliff and sheepsfoot blades not being used to their potential, like the Leek. Having a flat or near-flat cutting surface is only good if you can push all the way through the thing that you are cutting. As you can see, the Quiete positions the handle so that your hand does not get int he way of going all the way down. I think of it like a Santoku style kitchen knife.

I see two major downsides to the knife. The first is the obvious lack of opening system. It doesn’t even have a nail nick. You have to claw it open with two hands, which from my personal experience is not always possible. As The Edge Observer said, it is difficult to open when your hands are wet. That’s why I said it would be good when you have plenty of time to open it.

The second downside is the price. It is nearly $300 for a sub-3″ 14C28N blade, which is the same steel used in the sub-$50 Kershaw Skyline. I know this is a new maker, so he probably has to cover his initial costs, but this is still a lot of money for a knife that is lacking a lot of features. It doesn’t have a pocket clip, opening method, and the lock is not proven. In my eyes the benefits are not there to justify the purchase.

If I could predict the future and see this maker being a big name, like Brad Southard, I might get it. Being his first run, it would be worth a lot when he is really famous, if he gets famous. Maybe I’ll take the plunge if I find $300 lying in the gutter…



  1. Jay says:

    $300 almost gets me half way to my next knife.

    I may have a problem.

    1. Nathan says:

      I feel that way too. I want a Will Moon Mk 7

  2. NavyRetGold says:

    At a little over two ounces I’m sure Nutnfancy will gush about this knife. Minimalist is not what I want in a folding knife. No opening system at all is just unacceptable. It’s certainly not a hard use knife with no liners in the plastic handle. Sandvik 14c28n is better than Chinese 8cr13mov, but I expect more from a knife that costs $300. There is really not much in this thing to account for the expense… a rather plain 3″ blade, two small slabs of plastic, a single spring lock part, and a few pins and screws. It looks great from an “artsy” point of view, but from a functional point of view, not so much.

    1. Nathan says:

      I agree about everything except it not being functional. I think the cutting performance would be great, but yes, it does suck to not have an opening mechanism and nothing here justifies the cost

  3. I can get a tom brown tracker 2 for this price.

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EDC for CCW? Probably Not, But Still Cool

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