Enter The Ka-Bar Pumpkin-Carving Challenge!

Image courtesy Ka-Bar

It’s on: the third annual Ka-Bar Pumpkin Carving Challenge is up and running, and the rules are simple.

  • Carve a pumpkin with any Ka-Bar knife;  I suggest this unnamed but pumpkin-handled Wharnecliffe for its excellent tip control.
  • Upload a photo of both knife and pumpkin to any of Ka-Bar’s social media pages.

The winner gets…wait for it…A Ka-Bar! You didn’t see that one coming, did you?

I’ll try to remember to keep an eye out for the submissions as Ka-Bar publishes them. Hopefully there will be some real slashers out there (for the YouTube shits and grins) along with the pumpkin-carving Michelangelos.

The contest ends, of course, on October 31st. Happy Halloween!

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Enter The Ka-Bar Pumpkin-Carving Challenge!

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