ESEE Izula wooden handle scales by Lahammade

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Last week I posted my review of the Izula I by ESEE knives, it is a really great small wilderness blade. While I found it lacking for EDC, I still wanted to replace the paracord wrapped handles with something a little classier. Luckily for me, One of my friends on Facebook posted a picture of a CRKT knife that a friend of his had bought him.

It was this knife, and the amazing handle scales that made me reach out to Jared of Lahammade to inquire about getting some wood handle scales for my Izula.

The entire process was pretty flawless from start to finish. Jared is a very attentive artist, and he started the process off by photoshopping four different types of wood onto an Izula and sending me the picture. I trusted his opinion more than mine own when deciding on what looked best, and we ended up going with Walnut wood handle scales.

After we finalized what I wanted, Jared went to work. I received regular update pictures of the scales, and he kept me current on an expected time that they would be finished. About a month later they were in the mail!

As I’ve mentioned in previous reviews(like the Snakebite bottle opener) packaging is hugely important to me. It’s a major part of a company’s branding, and should make you feel as if you are getting more than what you paid for, and are getting the best present you ever bought yourself at the same time. Lahammade’s packaging does just that.

esee izula scales
esee izula scales
nice tag telling you what is inside!
esee izula scales
a handwritten note thanking you for your business, BIG bonus points right here and a nice touch

Inside of the brown wrapping paper is a small cloth bag with the actual scales, some mineral elixer, and a thick cardboard business card.

esee izula scales
cloth bag
esee izula scales
the three gifts inside
esee izula scales
back of card
esee izula scales
front of card

And last but not least, the actual walnut wood scales for my Izula. Jared even added a little personal touch that I didn’t even request, he put “RAG” engraved on the inside insert to stand for the blog, a very cool, personal detail that makes it even better.

esee izula scales
each side together
esee izula scales
showing the insert

So the wood scales look great on their own, but did they go on easily to the knife? and do they feel good? The answer to both, 100% yes. Install was as simple as taking a small allen wrench and tightening the scales. They are lined up perfectly to the skeletonized tang, and they swell the perfect amount to really fill out your hand on such a small knife.

esee izula scales
in sheath
esee izula scales
outside sheath

If you are looking to add some classy flair(Otherwise known as some ‘Merica!) to any knife you own, contact Jared at Lahammade, these Scales plus hardware cost $35 and are worth every single penny of that and more. I’ll report back in 6 months or so to show you how they have stood up to some abuse!

You can find Lahammade on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


  1. Bob says:

    How do I order from them? Since I don’t do Instagram , Facebook, Twitter, Fritter, or Critter, I’m at a loss as how to contact them. Am I missing something?

  2. cmeat says:

    his website says “books closed on custom orders.”

  3. Cmeat,

    I just spoke with the owner today and he will be back to taking orders sooner than later!

  4. Bob says:

    Tried the email route – it got returned. If it sounds too good to be true……..

  5. Bob,

    I wrote the email down wrong! It’s

    My apologies sir

  6. Bob says:


    Thanks for your follow up.



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ESEE Izula wooden handle scales by Lahammade

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