EverydayTacticalVids reviews the TOPS Knives El Chete

A bunch of El Chetes waiting to be ground

We don’t feature many outside reviews at TTAK, but one of the exceptions we make is for our friend Tim Carpenter of the YouTube Channel EverydayTacticalVids. We do this both because we do not do much in the way of video ourselves, but more importantly because we know Tim and trust what he has to say.

We shared TOPS’ announcement when they released their new camp chopper – “El Chete“. I got to see this knife in production when I paid a visit to TOPS’ production facility this past June. It is a beast.

We’d love to test an El Chete ourselves, but at the moment we are slated to review a new Tanimboca Puuko, and it would probably be a bit much to ask for an El Chete as well.

In this video review, Tim does a bunch of chopping and wood-shaving out in the woods, then heads indoors for a benchtop review and commentary. I respect his detailed pros and cons review you see here.


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EverydayTacticalVids reviews the TOPS Knives El Chete

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