Father’s day short story

On Father’s day my family and I spent the early afternoon at our local creek. This little spot is perfect for young kids as it provides plenty of different activities in just a stretch of a couple hundred feet. We can fish for small fish in the deeper section, hunt for crawfish in the rocks and shallower part of the creek, throw rocks, find wildlife and explore all at the same time.

I was wearing a W.R. Case lightweight hunter in drop point configuration during this outing on my belt, had a Buck Bantam pocket knife clipped to my pants, a Leatherman Fuse multitool, and my son had his little Leatherman Squirt on his pocket. All our sharp tools saw use during our little trip.


We used the little Leatherman squirt to cut up nightcrawlers, the Leatherman Fuse to remove a few hooks from the lips of fish, and the Case fixed blade was used multiple times to get hooks out of trees.

After our excursion we went to my mother in laws house for a little bbq, and I was told a large branch had fallen and was tangled up in the power lines in the backyard. My sons play back there, right underneath it, so I instantly went to work disentangling the large branch. After about 10 minutes it was safely untangled and on the ground.


my eldest helping to relocate a section of the branch

It was at this point that we get to the point of the story. While the branch is on the ground, and right before we went to work on breaking it down my son says to his grandpa(my father in law)

This is why daddy carry’s a real sharp knife everyday, you never know

I’m pretty sure those exact words have left my mouth before multiple times. Us knife folk like to be prepared, and part of the reason we carry a knife is for unforeseen circumstances. Whether that is cutting a cardboard box, or breaking down a tree, or defending or saving a life.


One of my goals as a dad is to pass on and instill in my kids a love of the wild, love of adventure, a DIY attitude and the skills to take on the world. Carrying a knife is just one of those traits that can end up teaching kids how to be a more responsible person, more prepared, and a better citizen.

I hope your Father’s day was as fulfilling as mine! Any other stories from Father’s day?


  1. cmeat says:

    nothing that good. thanks for sharing.
    as teens they tend to wander, unless they know that they can’t. i got a text from the boy (camp counselor this year where he had previously attended for many; guarantee he has a sharp edge in his pocket) and a hug from the girl. then ol’ girl and i enjoyed a street fair with some long acquainted friends (of ours) and had a few local brews. security was called, and i couldn’t find my van for half an hour.

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Father’s day short story

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