Fight between airport workers leads to fatal stabbing

Stabbed at airport

While TSA is busy confiscating Peter Mayhew’s lightsaber cane, whomever is in charge of screening airport employees is missing a real gem. Since TTAK readers know that you can craft all sorts of weapons from items inside the secure areas, it means that a focus on screening people instead of objects is a better approach to safety.

From CBSLocal (Philadelphia):

Police say a fight in a maintenance break room on the tarmac between three Worldwide Flight Services employees, who are contracted by Frontier Airlines to clean planes, over an overhead light led to the fatal stabbing.

Philadelphia Police Lt. John Walker says one man turned off a light and the other wanted it on. A friend jumped in and three men became physical.

“The weather’s up, people’s nerves may be a little high and they’re out there and they are cleaning planes and it’s hot,” said Walker.

Police say a 35-year-old man stabbed his 28-year-old co-worker in the stomach, most likely with a box cutter. They are still searching for the weapon.

Question how this could happen? You don’t say. It is almost as if the standards for working in a secure area are more lax than it takes to get through the security theater out front. But then again, that 80 year old nun you are shaking down might be a threat.




  1. Sam L. says:

    I wouldn’t think a box cutter would be very stabby. Cutting the jugular vein, though, seems doable.

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Fight between airport workers leads to fatal stabbing

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