First Impression Review: Benchmade Steep Country Hunter

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My first impressions of this knife are extremely favorable.

The folks at Benchmade have been kind enough to send me a Steep Country Hunter for testing and my personal collection. It arrived today. I really am impressed with this 3.5″ drop point hunter upon first examination and use.

S30V is one of my favorite steels, I have never had the slightest corrosion issue with my Spyderco Native  and it saw years of daily use as my EDC in a sweaty pocket in the Tennessee heat and humidity. It takes a great edge and holds it better than any stainless I have tested.

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Operator Error

This knife is SHARP out of the box. I was wearing it reversed on my left hip (where it rode comfortably and is short enough to not be uncomfortable sitting in a car), the same way I do with my Mora Bushcraft (picture here). I was casually putting it back in the sheath with all of the thought that I put into a motion I have repeated with the Mora a thousand times. The choil caught on the sheath’s leather handle snap loop and my hand shifted. Ouch! I think the choil edge is what caught me because of the shape and depth of the extremely short cut. It bled a bunch. I really had to crank down the pressure on the first band aid.  Whoops. I take for granted how easily the Mora’s sheath funnels the blade home. Oh well, occupational hazard.

I can already tell that this knife is going to end up in the Go Bag we began discusing in yesterday’s post. The steel does not rust under ordinary conditions, and the time-tested shape is a versatile woodcraft and hunter’s blade. You can use this steel with confidence in the water, and the rubberized handle will provide an excellent grip. Just be careful replacing it in the sheath.


  1. I_Like_Pie says:

    I really like the blaze orange that is in favor with the knife makers and consumers these days.

    Makes it really easy to see where you set the thing down. For the life of me I can’t understand why people put camo on everything. I saw a realtree camo camp toilet the other day.

    1. Sam L. says:

      I put a flourescent orange key-ring on my black Boy Scout Knife so as to find it if I set it down and walked away.

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First Impression Review: Benchmade Steep Country Hunter

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