French Islamist stabs, kills Police officer and his wife


Police secure the scene of Monday’s Jihadi double-stabbing.

In what is certain to be drowned out by the volume of news related to the Islamist attack on the Orlando nightclub, another “lone wolf” (no indication that this one was a “known-wolf) has struck in France. The tool of choice for this particular misanthrope was a knife instead of a gun. His victims, a police-officer and his domestic-partner were stabbed repeatedly, and are just as dead as people who have been killed with firearms, explosives, or any other manner of misused tool.

From HuffingtonPostCanada:

A senior French police officer and his partner were killed in a nighttime attack by a knife-wielding man in a distant suburb of Paris, officials said late Monday. The attacker was also killed, while a young boy was rescued from the scene.

The police commander was stabbed to death outside his home in Magnanville, about 35 miles (55 kilometres) west of Paris, the interior minister’s spokesman Pierre-Henry Brandet told reporters outside the scene. The attacker then retreated indoors before elite police commandos stormed the residence. The woman and the attacker were found dead; a little boy was found unharmed.

The Islamic State has claimed credit for the murders, and witnesses report the waste of life was shouting the Jihadi mating-call as he stabbed his victims.The attack comes during the month of Ramadan, and while the European Cup soccer matches are drawing the most attention from security forces. One of the venues was the site of one of Paris attacks in November which killed more than 140 people.

Move along. Nothing to see here.


  1. Billy says:

    “The attack comes during the month of Ramadan”. It is their belief that the gates of hell are closed during Ramadan, so if you die, you go to heaven.

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French Islamist stabs, kills Police officer and his wife

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