Friday Film Fest 5-22-15

I like Helle knives. I do not personally own one yet, but I appreciate the simple beauty of a knife that is meant to be used. Coming from centuries of woodcraft tradition, Helle knives have earned their place in the pantheon of “classic” knife companies. This really well produced video follows a Helle knife through its manufacture and on to it end user. Enjoy.

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I know I show a lot of Tim’s videos, but he does a good job. They are interesting and informative but maintain a quicker pace than many video reviews. He is also a really nice guy whom I hope to share a beverage with at the Blade Show in a couple of weeks.

The above is pretty self explanatory. Just a guy and a GoPro, and a bunch of pretty nice knife throwing. I have played a bit with throwers, and it is something I want to look into a bit further while at Blade. I met a couple of guys who were competitive throwers, and I have a bunch of questions for them this year.


This next one is a bit silly. Just a guy going crazy with a 12″ WinCo chef’s knife.

Moving into the DIY realm, here is a nice video of making a machete with nothing but hand tools. Other than the torch, most of the tools can be found in a well stocked workshop. Something anyone can try.

Finally, a 3-parter. Some of you may remember Dave Canterbury from the show Dual Survival. He also runs the Pathfinder School of survival. In the first two parts, Dave crafts a “Stock Knife”, from an old rasp. (we have covered Knifemaker Chelsea Miller doing a similar thing in a more artistic way as well). A Stock Knife is a tool I had never heard of, but if you watch part 3, you will see how useful this tool can be.

Have a great weekend folks.


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Friday Film Fest 5-22-15

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