Friday Film Fest: Decapitated Prawn Edition

There is apparently a show on the Esquire Network called Knife Fight. It is your standard head-to-head timed cooking competition, but the knife work seems to be highlighted more than a comparable Food Network show. The prawns were very fresh. And they never stood a chance.

Other videos this week include a Chinese shopkeeper charging a handful of government officials, a Krav Maga video from the official IDF YouTube Channel, and the return of “Nathan’s Pick” – a Q&A with knife reviewer Jim Skelton.

No one is hurt in the above video, and it is SFW. I assume that there is a backstory and this isn’t the shopkeeper’s first encounter with the Boys from Beijing. I am firmly convinced that a large portion of China’s knife-violence problem (including the Uighur separatists) stems from abject desperation and despair. To lash out against the State with only a knife is the ultimate last stand.

As I have mentioned more than once, I carry a Mora Bushcraft while I guide. I have put that knife through the wringer, and I consider it the best dollar-for-dollar knife on the market – bar none. This guy has modded his Bushcraft sheath for horizontal carry. While I am not sure I will be doing that mod, I do like the cord and bead retention strap.


This week’s “Nathan Pick” is a Q&A with Knife Reviewer Jim Skelton. I am not familiar with him personally, but if Nathan calls him legit it is good enough for me. His YouTube Channel has over 16,000 subscribers. And it, like the video below, is filled with some really beautiful knives, many from designers I have not heard of.

Our final video is knife related in that Krav Maga is one of the more knife-oriented martial art forms. You always need to be careful and don’t automatically trust YouTube “experts”, but an official video from the IDF channel counts as a primary source in my opinion. At least with regards to Krav. After all they invented it.







  1. Nathan says:

    Just to let everyone know, I chose the Jim Skelton video because of the discussion on value and getting criticized when buying an expensive knife

    1. Sam L. says:

      Anyone who can afford it and wants it, gets no grief from me. Their money. My “don’t care”. I’m not going to spend a lot of money, normally, but I did buy a rather plain William Henry because it struck my fancy.

  2. Sam L. says:

    I’m wondering what it taped to that Mora sheath.

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Friday Film Fest: Decapitated Prawn Edition

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