Friday Film Fest: Ham and Blades Edition

Welcome back to the Friday Film Fest. Sit back, grab some popcorn, and enjoy. Our first video comes to us courtesy of Sam D. a regular TTAK comment contributor. It is a typical over the top Cold Steel Video so it might not be suitable for work. But if your coworkers are ok with watching a hanging pig carcass get hacked apart by a Gurkha Kukri, they will probably enjoy it too.

I guess Cold Steel saw GC’s comment in the second Contest post thread. Your Move GC…

Video 2 is a short start to finish of documentary of  Master Bladesmith Murray Carter making his Kajiki utility knife, which was a collaborative project with the website Knives Ship Free. By all means suitable for office viewing. Disclosure, I am going to be attending Carter Cutlery’s Bladesmithing 500 class this winter. To say I am excited is an understatement.

Finally, Nathan tossed me this link that he describes as “Pure Knife Porn”. Unboxing a sweet Jeremy Marsh Full Dress Mini Vanquish flipper. Beautiful Damascus-bladed creation. I don’t care a bit for the storage case.

Have a great weekend everyone.





  1. Duncan Idaho says:

    Cheesy as it is, I’ve never contemplated Kukri ownership until now.

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Friday Film Fest: Ham and Blades Edition

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