Friday Film Fest: Holland, History, and Handicraft Edition

Greetings and Salutations. If you are ready for a little Friday slacking this week, pull up a chair and peruse this weeks offerings. The video above is a pretty impressive demonstration of the knife game. I wouldn’t promote the “home edition” that is so prevalent among teenagers on YouTube, but this one from Holland’s Got Talent is suitable for work. Given the young woman’s proficiency she would fall in the “professional” category. For her knife skills, certainly not for her birdlike singing voice

A couple of more videos below the jump include the latest from CutleryLover, and an improvised sheath for a fixed blade made from tree bark.

This next video is a history of a classic style of folder- the Doctor’s Knife. Another quality production from Colonel Jeff. He really is one of the best out there.


I had the retention loop come loose from the sheath of my Benchmade Steep Mountain. It dropped into the river and was swept away. There are certainly scenarios where I can envision becoming separated from my sheath. (A bear stealing a backpack for example). The maker has good taste in knives, that looks to be a Mora in the video. The end result is well executed, although the video is a bit tedious and drawn out. He mentions his difficulties in working with the dry bark. In a survival situation, I would go the route of the mountain folk of the Appalachians and use green bark like this Poplar bark basket.

Have a great one folks. I am going to try and finish my CRKT Ken Onion Halfachance Machete review this weekend.


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Friday Film Fest: Holland, History, and Handicraft Edition

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