Friday Film Fest: Mop beats Knife?

Unlike the Uighur attackers who have wreaked so much havoc on Chinese train stations, it is almost possible to feel sorry for this inept bank robber. He is obviously an amateur and didn’t want to actually hurt anyone, or there would have been blood spilled. I obviously do not sympathize with anyone who would misuse tools to threaten and hurt others, or violate the property rights of another. However, as a human being it is hard not to feel at least a little bad for such a hapless boob as he now faces the tender mercies of the Chinese criminal “justice” system.(More Friday videos after the jump)…


If you have several days to watch knife and gear reviews (and beer, and other stuff), check out Col. Jeff Smith aka “cutlerylover’s” YouTube Channel. He has made hundreds of videos, which have combined for 91 million views. He has almost 200k subscribers, and is a major force in the knife video-blogging world. The above video is his latest (9 hours old) review of a pair of Schrade folders.


Our next video is “Nathan’s Pick-of-the-Week”. Watch as the guys at BladeHQ put 9 knives – 3 liner-locks, 3 lock-backs, and 3 frame-locks, through a torture test to decide which lock mechanism is strongest. I like their experimental setup. And it is cool to see slow motion footage of knives catastrophically failing.


Finally for our long-viewing fans comes this 23 minute video of knifemaker Walter Sorrells forge-welding Damascus steel and turning it into a really nice kitchen knife. I have never heard of Walter, but after watching the video and checking out his website I can see he specializes in Japanese swords from steel he has forged himself.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Stay sharp out there.


  1. Nathan says:

    I don’t like that Blade HQ used a knife from the Boker Magnum line. I know they are using knives our of their stockroom, so they’re losing money. I wouldn’t expect a Zero Tolerance, but a knife from the Boker Plus line would have been more acceptable for me

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Friday Film Fest: Mop beats Knife?

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