Friday Film Fest: Insert Clever Name Here Edition.

All I will say about the above video is that while I am certain that they are illegal in many jurisdictions, I want one!  Not that it would serve any particular purpose, but since when has that ever been a requirement for desiring an object? I wonder at what size you will reach the limits of the spring. I think the increase in knife weight would begin to eclipse the propulsive power of proportionally sized springs. But I could be wrong.

This week’s other videos include a knife attack in London from this past week, an instructional video on how to cut up a pineapple in under a minute, and a guy who stabbed himself in the leg while singing along to X-factor. See them and more below the jump.

From the “should have been a defensive gun use” files comes this knife attack on a busy London street in broad daylight. The companion print/digital article from the Daily Mirror doesn’t go into a lot of details as far as why the perp attacked, but it appears a passerby jumped in to help and the attacker fled. He was later apprehended without being shot by police in the process. (imagine that!)

I stipulate that it isn’t the most advanced of knife skills, and he isn’t doing anything particularly different than I do. But he does it with a remarkable efficiency of motion and much faster than I. His knife also looks wicked-sharp judging by the complete lack of effort to his cuts.


I can’t be too critical of this poor sod. After all, had a film crew been in ER when I smashed my face with an axe I would have been on TV as well. Since the U of TN Med. Center is a teaching hospital, I did have my share of curious observers and photos were taken during my visit for future Doctors to laugh at. At least I was doing something manly like chopping wood. This guy stabbed himself in the leg while singing along to X-Factor (UK) using a knife as a microphone. Amateur.

Bonus Video: We have shared a bunch of skinning videos, and why not? It is one of the most demanding and real-world applications you can put a knife through. But apparently a knife is not necessary to skin a rabbit. The reaction of the Asian women watching is pretty funny.


Have a great and safe weekend folks.



  1. Sean says:

    that ballistic knife is super awesome!

  2. Billy says:

    The last video had nothing to do with knives…but was awesome!

    1. I have been dropping the occasional non-knife bonus video. Obviously last friday’s Simpsons clip was off topic 🙂

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Friday Film Fest: Insert Clever Name Here Edition.

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