From KnifePlanet: A video guide to sharpening your knives.


KnifePlanet’s latest piece is a great primer on Japanese waterstone sharpening.

KnifePlanet is one of my favorite knife sites to visit, and we have previously shared their authoritative survey of 55vknife industry professionals’ favorite sharpening tip. I was one of their  panel for their “23 Experts share their SHTF knife“.

Their are dozens of different ways to sharpen your knives. I use my Tormek for big knives or when I have a stack of several blades to sharpen. For daily touch up, my Spyderco Sharpmaker has served me well since 1999. David is a big fan of the Ken Onion Worksharp. You can even use the bottom of a coffee cup or the top of your car window in a pinch.


KnifePlanet’s latest piece is From Dull to Sharp: A video guide to sharpening your knives. It focuses on Japanese waterstones, and is a great primer on the subject.

They advise using a 3 stone process:

“Using more than one stone is the way to go. There are many who feel that when learning, it is not advisable to use a coarse stone, one lower in grit than 1,000 for example as it has the potential to damage the knife when placed in the hands of inexperienced sharpener. I was one of these people but I have since changed the way I feel about that, completely. While it is very possible to sharpen a knife from dull to sharp with a 1,000 grit stone, it has become clear to me that using three stones right from day one is the correct way in terms of efficiency to sharpen a knife. For example, a three stone combination that will deliver exceptional results is a Coarse, Medium and Fine combination such as: 400, 1000, 5000 grit.”

Watch the video, and read the whole thing.

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  1. Sam L. says:

    I clicked on MORE and got to 9 Best Camping Knives. He likes the Cold Steel knockoff of the Canadian Belt Knife. I await your comparo on that, the Murphy version, and the original.

    1. cmeat says:

      for some reason ttak doesn’t seem to acknowledge the murphy stuff.

      1. Sam L. says:

        I’m pretty sure this is where I heard about Murphy Knives.

  2. Sara says:

    Thanks for sharing nice information with us.

  3. Thanks for sharing our guide! I’m really glad you like it and find it useful.

  4. melanerpes says:

    This guy needs an editor. This video could have been cut by two thirds with no useful information lost.

    1. Sid says:

      He needs a video sharpener. Start with coarse for ten minutes. Then medium for four minutes. Then fine for three more. The final product is worth three to four minutes at most.

  5. Sam L. says:

    Stand by for Instalanche:

    A VIDEO GUIDE to sharpening your knives. This link!

    Posted at 1:30 pm by Glenn Reynolds

  6. Earl Wertheimer says:

    Over 20 minutes is 15 minutes too long.

    1. Tough crowd.
      Not that I disagree, he does drone on a bit.

      This post fills a niche for us here since we have discussed the Tormek, Sharpmaker, and Worksharp at length. We didn’t have a good post on Japanese stones.

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From KnifePlanet: A video guide to sharpening your knives.

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