From Popular Mechanics: Making a tomahawk from a used wrench

I hate when stabbing-sprees and other terrorist acts linger too long at the top of the page. News pieces, even when they are bad news, are an important part of the formula that has made first TTAG, and now TTAK successful in our respective niches. However, it is posts about the knives themselves, knifemaking, and the culture of knives are what we really enjoy sharing with you.

Reader Ed M. forwarded this on to me, and I thought it was really cool. Reclaimed wrenches make good raw material for knives and other forged tools as they are usually made from reasonably high-quality and hard steel.

From Popular Mechanics:

Typically a wrench isn’t a tool with a blade, but with a little heat, a hammer, and some determination, that can change. We’ve already seen a busted old wrench transformed into an awesome knife, but the folks at Miller Knives are taking that trick a step further by beating this wrench into a tomahawk.

It might seem like a strange transition, but as this process video shows, it actually a fairly natural one. By putting the red-hot wrench on the corner of the workbench and straightening out its jaws with a bit of banging, the basic tomahawk shape appears right away.

Ed also forwarded another piece where a horseshoe is turned into a knife. If I am not mistaken, the steel in horseshoes is not quite as hard, but it is still better than the ubiquitous railroad spikes, and the knife featured turned out pretty nicely as well.

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From Popular Mechanics: Making a tomahawk from a used wrench

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