Gerber recalls Cohort folder over defective lock


I am shocked! Shocked that Gerber would have a QC issue…

I am not in fact shocked to find out that Gerber is facing a recall due to a faulty locking mechanism. I would frankly be shocked to discover that they have gone back to their roots and produced a tool of quality. Nathan said it best in his “Gerber Sucks” post:

“Gerber has become the punchline for jokes on forums and other social media because their quality is horrendous. If they do not do something to turn themselves around then the only thing saving them from being gas station knives is their marketing.”

According to the Consumer Products Safety Commission, there have been 6 reported incidents of lock failure.

It took a bit of looking on Gerber’s website, but I was able to find the recall notifications. In fact, when I found the page there are actually 8 active recalls for Gerber products. The specific information on the Cohort recall is as follows:

“Gerber Cohort Knife (Model Nos. 31-000645N, 31-001714N, 31-001714NDIP, 31-001715N, 31-002488N, 31-002488NDIP, 31-002722HDN, 31-002885HDN, 31-002885HDQP, 31-001714NDIP)

Gerber is voluntarily recalling our Cohort Knives due to safety concerns. The locking mechanism can fail to hold the blade, posing a laceration hazard.

A product date code appears on the blade, beneath the thumb stud, on the clip side of the knife. The last figure in the code is a letter, and the recall applies to all Cohort knives with the letters “E” and “F.”

These Cohort Knives were first sold between January 2013 and March 2015. If you own one of these Cohort Knives, stop using it immediately, close the Knife carefully by folding the blade into the handle.

Please contact Gerber at (877) 314-9130 between 9 am and 5 pm PT Monday through Friday to arrange for your replacement. 

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, but your safety is our primary concern. Thank you for your cooperation.”

We here at TTAK are sorry to see a company with such a rich and storied history reduced to junk status. However, I not only refuse to endorse any of their products at the moment, I actively discourage my readers from wasting their money on Gerber products. If you are lucky you might purchase a merely adequate tool. More likely than not you will be purchasing a tool that is of inferior quality and possibly even dangerous to use.

If someone from Gerber reads this and believes our assessment to be unfair, I can be reached at I can be reached at any time. I would be happy to discuss this with your representatives at the Blade Show. I welcome your response.



  1. Spencer says:

    Thank you, Clay, for the honest assessment of Gerber’s janky, dangerous products.

    1. Jon M. says:

      Seconded. I honestly do hope Gerber contacts H. Clay and listens to criticism, but judging by past behavior there’s fat chance of that.

      The Bear Grylls marketing train and other product placements are going to run out of steam sometime, and it when it does it will be ugly for Gerber. Hell, all Kershaw has to do is up it’s marketing game and it could crush Gerber. Great designs AND a well made product often at the same pricepoint as Gerber’s? No competition.

  2. Jeffrey Thornton says:

    I am requesting an envelope to send back my Cohort Knife, for replacement.

    Jeffrey Thornton XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, Brunswick Ohio 44212

  3. Jeffrey Thornton says:

    Requesting envelope to end back Cohort Knife recall:
    Jeff Thornton
    Brunswick, Ohio 44212

    1. Miles says:

      @Jeffrey Thornton:
      Request it by calling Gerber.
      This is not Gerber’s website, it is the website of a person who reviews knives.

      Gerber’s website is here:

      Best Regards,

      1. Ernest W Cummings says:

        my name is Ernest w. Cummings I called the number given to me from the recall card I received about 1 month ago I still haven’t received it, my address isXXXXXXXXXLake WORTH FLORIDA 33467 they said they would send me a envelope please tell me

        1. Ernest, if you read the post or the comments above, you would probably not publicly post your home address.

          This is a knife news and review blog. I have no affiliation with Gerber.

          I was simply writing about the recall.

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Gerber recalls Cohort folder over defective lock

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