Gerber Sucks


There, I said it. It’s a shame that they suck because they used to be a great company. But today’s iteration of the gear company is one based off of name recognition, celebrity endorsements, and cheap knives. Not cheap as in inexpensive like Kershaw. Cheap as in cheap quality. Back in the 1980’s, they were right at the top of what the industry had to offer. But since then they have declined to the point where they are no longer safe to own.

This isn’t just a company that doesn’t pay attention to details or has gotten unlucky.  This is a company that cuts costs to the point where they make unsafe things.  One recall is bad.  Two is terrible.  Eight over a span of 7 years, two of which involve the SAME PRODUCT is crazy.

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broken gerber

I reflect much of the sentiment that this article has towards Gerber. I know some people will be mad when they read this, but it is true. Gerber has become the punchline for jokes on forums and other social media because their quality is horrendous. If they do not do something to turn themselves around then the only thing saving them from being gas station knives is their marketing.

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  1. Cliff says:

    Sad, but true. I can’t foresee buying another Gerber product.

  2. I_Like_Pie says:

    They do have a pretty good warranty….cause you will need it.

  3. dph says:

    I just sold a Gerber at a garage sale because when you gripped the knife for use you also disengaged the block lock. I told the guy who bought to beware, he bought it anyway. Kershaw and CRKT are they best value folders around in mho.

  4. DP.Science says:

    I’ve been watching them decline for 20 years. Sad to see them sell out, but your pictures and words held no surprise. Heck, I’ve broken a few in my day, too.

  5. Robert says:

    Yep. Eventually the only Gerbers that people will buy will be labeled “pre-Fiskars” for easy reference.

  6. Jeff O. says:

    You just figured that out? Gerber, for people who like to sharpen knives.

    1. Nathan says:

      Didn’t just figure it out. I’ve known for a while and begin hating people when they either call my knife a Gerber of claim that their Gerber is better than whatever knife I have

      1. Jeff O. says:

        No need to hate. Just smile and hand them your whetstone, saying, “you might be needing this soon.” :o}

  7. Jim says:

    Just sad. I carried a Gerber Guardian for years as my personal defensive tool. I was in the military and of course getting a ccw permit was impossible, especially going from one interesting country to another. That knife proved its worth on a couple of occassions. No I did not kill anybody but it got me out of a couple of bad spots. Sadly both occurred on U. S. soil..anyways, it was well made with a great sheath and it sharpened up nicely and was durable. It was stolen along with some other personal property by some dirtbag working for UPS. I never replaced it, had been considering a new one for awhile but at this point I dont think I will risk wasting my money on an inferior product. Pretty sad actually.

  8. GC says:

    I’ve only owned one Gerber knife, the Evo, which only got used for very light tasks like opening mail. I never had a problems with it, but the consistently bad reviews about Gerber’s knives stopped me from purchasing any of their other products. The awful looking Bear Grylls line didn’t help things either.

  9. MD Matt says:

    Back in 1995, fresh out of high school, I walked into a local cutlery store. They had everything, replicas, actual blades, display pieces and tools. What really caught my interest though was a display of Gerber MKI and MKII knives. They were compelling in their simple deadly lines. The sheathes were clearly designed for actual carry. I loved pocket knives before that, but that was the day I fell in love with full sized fighting knives.
    My wife bought me an MKII for our 3 year anniversary. It still sits in my gun safe—often fondled and appreciated. I’ve since looked everywhere for a decent set of noncerated MKIs and MKIIs with the functional sheathes of that first store experience. I can’t find them. I recently bought a couple of Gerber’s curve and fast lines on the strength of some Amazon referrals. These were the worst kind of junk, not even worth keeping as throw-away-tools for a disposable survival kit. I can’t find the knives, the sheathes, or the quality that once called a new grad to love of the blade any more. I hope Gerber returns to us. But until then, I’ll browse eBay for the blades of yester-year.

  10. Dyspeptic says:

    A few years ago I bought a Gerber Gator machete on sale at a local sporting goods store. It was dirt cheap for a reason. An absolute piece of $hit. I tested it by hacking a 3″ diameter palm tree sapling. The edge bent and rolled over like I had whacked a steel bar! Total garbage. I subsequently bought the Kershaw Camp 10 & Camp 14 machetes. Great tools at an extremely reasonable price. My Kershaw Blur S30V is the best knife I have ever owned, and I have drawers full of knives.

  11. Sam L. says:

    I have the Mk II, the Mk I, the Guardian, a folder I gave my Dad for his birthday 40 years ago, a 6″ flexible-blade sheath knife, a 10″ chef knife and a Miming paring knife. Not buying any new Gerbers. Old ones, maybe. Not that I need any. (As if that mattered…)

  12. Tom in Oregon says:

    I was disappointed in my last gerber, so I had one of the guys in the shop put an edge back on it and I gave it to my dad. He uses it to clean his fingernails, open mail, cut open packages…

  13. AW1Ed says:

    I have a Gerber 06 Auto drop point; absolutely no complaints.

  14. DP.Science says:

    Sure, the auto’s alright, but it costs the same as those from benchmade and other reputable companies. If a knife’s going to cost $250 it had better be good, whoever makes it!

    1. AW1Ed says:

      The term “caveat emptor” mean anything to you? And my 06 was more like $150.00.

  15. borg says:

    This makes me glad I hesitated to buy one. What is a better brand in the same price range.

    1. Nathan says:

      Kershaw. Some Spydercos. For about $60 you can find the Spyderco Endura, which I believe to be the best all around knife for under $100

    2. Roger says:

      A good folder? Buck, WR Case and Sons, and Cold Steel. Some Spydercos.

      Fixed Blade? The Esee Izula is a good choice.

  16. David says:

    I had a Gerber I bought at a Hadji shop for $15, probably wasn’t real. Let a friend borrow it after she kicked herself or of her room. The tip broke and she felt bad, so she bought me a Rex Applegate folder that was $99 or some such. That blade will not stay sharp! Freaking ridiculous!

    I have a camping knife I bought from Ozark Trail that I only have to sharpen once, maybe twice a year. The Gerber never feels sharp, and after a few uses needs to be sharpened again. Even picking the thing up a few weeks after sharpening it feels dull.

    Gerber’s knives are terrible, though the multi tools seem so much better, and the knife stays sharp on them. I’ll never buy one.

  17. Rafael says:

    I know this article is from 2014 but I believe that they’ve been crafting some really nice blades lately as of 2016. I don’t care for anything made in China and have never bought a Chinese Gerber, so I pass on probably 40% of their stuff. They are making more knives here in the U.S.A. (Portland) and I’ve also noticed the Bear Grylls knives are being phased out from stores. Check out the new line of Gerber Gator Premium knives. They are S30V with leather sheaths. I own the folder which I bought on sale at Cabela’s this year for $65 and absolutely love it. I also recently purchased a Gerber Edict which is also made in the U.S.A. and 154CM steel. Got mine right at $40. Both these knives show what Gerber is really capable of. You mentioned Kershaw but the last two I have bought from them have left a sour note with me. Both failed without heavy use and I ended up giving them away. Right now I am really liking what Buck, CRKT, and Gerber are putting on the shelves.

  18. Sheena says:

    Do you have any video of that? I’d love to find out more details.

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Gerber Sucks

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