Glenn Beck flips out; threatens to stab Trump repeatedly (Updated: Maybe not?)


If you vote for Trump, Glenn will kill this bunny. (not really, but the stabbing quote is real)

The “Charlie-Foxtrot” that is the GOP Presidential contest continues. After Rubio and Trump have been trading barbs about the size of their junk, it is hard to figure out where exactly the boundaries lie. That said, I believe that radio provocateur Glenn Beck did in fact cross the line when he stated that if he were close enough to Trump, he would stab him repeatedly.

From Daily Caller:

“I don’t know what I would have done if I was sitting in” Cruz or Rubio’s shoes, Beck stated. “I can’t say it that way. If I were on the stage, I would have said, ‘have you been listening to him tonight? Have you been listening to what I say about him?’ I believe these things.”

“If I was close enough and had a knife, the stabbing just wouldn’t stop.”

Click here to hear the audio.

Because a political assassination is just what this country needs at this point…

With people across the political spectrum coming completely unhinged, the Cleveland police using a $50 million grant to buy riot gear in advance of the Republican Convention, and the complete antipathy with which people view those with whom they disagree, we are in for a long, hot, and likely violent summer.


Apropos of nothing at all, Glenn Beck signed this Mil-Tac CS-1 for the 2013 KnifeRights Ultimate Steel Giveaway.


Update: As a reader pointed out below, Glenn’s producer Stu is claiming that the comment was aimed at him. I have gone back and listened to the audio again, and I do hear something garbled about shoes. The show is characterized by such banter, and Stu’s interpretation is plausible. I would call it far from conclusive however. Not enough to retract the story.

Between Lindsay Graham’s calling for Ted Cruz to be shot on the floor of the Senate, to The Donald’s claiming he could kill someone on 5th Ave and get away with it, and the increasingly strident insults being hurled in all directions, it is time to dial it back a bit.


  1. Mike L says:

    I shook my head years ago when the NRA cozied up to Glenn Beck. To the point of inviting him as keynote speaker to their annual meeting not once but twice I recall. Giving him the cherished flintlock honor ala Charlton Heston. He is a nut case. If there is a charlatan it is Beck. I listened to his shows for YEARS. Over time I couldn’t believe the evil personal attacks he would go on, then claim to be this religious quasi Christian. He found out that PT!Barnum was right and has made millions off of the fools who hand him their money. Wishing him only the worse seat in hell for this kind of hatred and evil.

  2. Brian Doyal says:

    He was JOKING about stabbing his co host Stu. Daily Caller updated their story, you should also. Here’s another piece on the subject.

    1. I updated the post to reflect that Stu is claiming the comment was aimed at him.

      I have listened to the audio several times, and it is not conclusive either way in my opinion.

      1. Bonnie Steptoe says:

        Get that deranged Beck off the air! He is a basket case along a few others talking about their anatomy!,,, where is civility?..

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Glenn Beck flips out; threatens to stab Trump repeatedly (Updated: Maybe not?)

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