Happy Veteran’s Day and our heartfelt thanks


Happy Veteran’s Day to those to whom it applies. We at TTAK want to thank all who have served in the preservation of our Republic and freedoms. This is the first year that both my children will be in school and I won’t be taking them down to Knoxville’s parade. I am kind of bummed. It was a valuable part of my strategy for helping my children celebrate America, especially in an era where my own faith in the American system was becoming a bit frayed.

I don’t have anything particularly original to say today, but this is a good opportunity to reshare my Flag Day editorial from last year. In case you missed it, I support one artist’s desecration of a flag in an attempt to make people face the grim travesty of 22 Veteran suicides a day. Get angry, Get involved.

Or on a somewhat more entertaining note, have a look at our Baddass Blade User from History series, several of which feature American servicemen and our allies.

Thank you again to all of our Veterans.

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Happy Veteran’s Day and our heartfelt thanks

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