History Channel announces Season 3 of Forged in Fire

Like me, many of you are fans of History Channel’s Forged in Fire. You will be happy to know that a date has been set for the premier of Season 3.

I had an alert set for Forged in Fire, and received the following update:

UPDATED May 17, 2016: Season 3 of the hit blacksmith competition series Forged in Fire is coming back to History on Tuesday, August 23 at 9pm. The show has received an extended episode order for its sophomore chapter, which is slated to include ten 60-minute episodes. The season three premiere will be launched in a championship format, where contestants from previous seasons will compete in an ultimate contest to figure out who is the top-notch bladesmith among them.

During Season 1 we ran a question of the day asking if you were watching the show. I suppose it is time to update the question:

Are you still watching, or have you just started watching Forged in Fire? What have been your favorite episodes or moments?


  1. Sam L. says:

    I enjoyed the second set of episodes. I liked the unexpected failures where the swords bent and the salmon was cut but not sliced in two. I’m not watching FIF.

    Seems like the next set of episodes ought to be the junior, having seen the freshman and sophomore sets.

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History Channel announces Season 3 of Forged in Fire

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