History’s Knife Or Death Season Finale Airs Tonight

Two weeks ago, our friend Big Chris took part in History’s Knife or Death competition show. Clay ran a quick post about it, but he forgot to mention that we have a connection to Dwayne Unger who also competed that week. Spoilers after the jump…

Dwayne wound up beating Big Chris in the second round and has advanced to the championship, which airs tonight at 10PM Eastern Time. Dwayne goes up against four other finalists and we wish him the best of luck!


I met Dwayne at the beginning of 2017 at a Bladesports demo at Scott Gossman’s shop. I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with him several times since, including a campout (again at Gossman’s property). Full disclosure: Dwayne has reviewed one of my Nordsmith Lapwings for his Facebook group, Dwayne Unger Outdoors, and also purchased a Pilgrim with his own money.

Back in early ’17 though, Dwayne had not yet competed in Bladesports, much less built the knife – dubbed “Black Mamba” – that he won the tv show with.

For more on the building of Black Mamba, the first knife Dwayne ever made, I had the chance to interview him last year. Click the link below to read it!

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History’s Knife Or Death Season Finale Airs Tonight

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